Best of 2013

List items

  • What can I say about a perfect competitive game? Not much it turns out.

  • It's more Gran Turismo, and while I think the franchise could have skipped this entry and moved onto the PS4. It has cemented itself as the only option for your console simulation racing.

  • I like Studio Ghibli and Level 5, this worked out wonderfully.

  • Weighty combat and an immersive, dark and dangerous world would be enough to claw TLOU onto this list. The great character development, writing and performances are what pushes this game truly over the edge.

  • I'm the president who can fly.

  • Great puzzles mixed with combat, a game that took me by surprise and what a great surprise it was...could have done without the writing.

  • While I would have pulled out a spine for MK10 instead, what we got was a polished, tight and beautiful fighter featuring characters from that comic book company I don't like as much. Batmans pretty cool though, amirite?

  • I didn't think Papers, Please would suck me in the way it did. It's by the clock pacing, your families deteriorating health, increasing demands being put on you, as well as some VERY eerie situations make this one of my top 10 easily.

  • All of its problems aside, I still love me some Total War.

  • I didn't want to put this on here to be honest because I haven't finished it. BUT! From Day one, I've basically said the same thing repeatedly. It's clearly an amazing, polished, well acted and generally well written crime caper, I just couldn't get excited about.

    So GTAV limps in at 10.