I need catharsis from the GOTY deliberations. The undertale underdog.

Edit (I originally put this in as a list, but remembered I could set blogs to only show on my profile page.)

It pained me a few years back when Ni No Kuni was passed over in the best music catagory. Time went by and it happened again this year. Undertale got unfortunately shivved during this year's GOTY riot. To say it's just chiptuny samey same is not only incredibly reductive, but also untrue. (There's quite a few tracks in the game which use real instruments.) There's a good variety of sounds you'll hear in the game. Just listen to Metal crusher and Undertale to see what I mean. So don't mind me. I didn't want to put this in the forums, as I didn't want to come off as complaining. This is simply catharsis. Do me a favor... NO! Do yourself a favor and listen to the Undertale soundtrack. You don't have to play the game. Just listen. Because that's a great thing about games. They put so many things on the table that you can usually find something to appreciate about it. Here a link to the full soundtrack on Youtube.

And here's some specifics.


Dating Fight!




Metal Crusher (Hell yes.)

Another Medium

Can you really call this a hotel? I didn't recieve a mint on my pillow.

It's raining somewhere else. (Moody as fuck)


Asgore (The main one they played during the deliberations)


An ending

Last goodbye

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