Outlasting the Amnesiac pigs

Well, I figured since I was nearing my 2000th post, I should try my hand at a blog finally. I kind of just wanted to do a short write up on both of these games seeing as there out very soon. A refresher if you will.

Here we go.

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A Machine for pigs and Outlast have both been in the sadomasochistic production house for a while now and are finally nearing release for the audience at large.

Two games, both seemingly cut from the same cloth, are looking to be whole fully interesting and equally terrifying. For those unfamiliar, A machine for Pigs is an indirect sequel to the cult classic Amnesia The Dark Descent. While the first game was developed by Frictional games, this time around The Chinese Room is at the helm crafting various swine related ways to slowly chip away at our psyche. You may have known them for such gems as Dear Esther and the recently announced Everybody's gone to the rapture.

While I never did play through all of the original Amnesia, based on what I did I will say it was very effective at inducing a constant feeling of scarcity and isolation. Managing resources, such as timberboxes and oil were key to avoid literally going insane.

I'll have to find out for myself, but from the released footage, the sequel looks to carry on the tradition of scaring the bejesus out of me. September 10th is when the amnesiac pigs will be set free to roam the steam filled interwebs.

A trailer for good measure.

" My dear Mr. Mendez I admire your vision, I truly do, but there are surely not enough pigs in the whole of London to feed the appetite of such a machine. "

" That all rather depends Professor on what one considers to be a pig. "

Oh boy.

Hello sir. May I be of assistance to you?
Hello sir. May I be of assistance to you?

Outlast, developed by Red Barrels, is set to come out on the 4th of September and seems to be as equally frightening as it's horror counterpart.

From what I understand, the excursion throughout the hell bound asylum in Outlast is to be highlighted by the uncertainty of never knowing when an inhabitant will show up. Running and hiding are the only means of escape. Armed with only a video camera and your steeled wits, you're to navigate and uncover the horrors that lie in an abandoned insane asylum in Colorado.

A few months back, red barrels gave the IGN staff a demo to play. Here it is, screams, gore, giant hulks and all the night vision you can handle.

Only through some ill determined fate were these two games destined to come out within a week of each other. The morbid anticipation on my part has only arisen as the time has gone by. Unfortunately, I never did get around to finishing the first amnesia due to a hard drive crash, but I plan to rectify that by completing both of these games. Why? Because I'm a masochistic maniac.

It very much looks to be an early Halloween this September. Are either of these games tantalizing enough for you. I'd love to know what you plan to play first, if at all.