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Games completed 2014 Edition

Here's my list of games that I just so happened to finish in the year 2014.

List items

  • Finished the beast in preparation of it's immanent sequel.

  • One of the best 3 star games I've ever played.

  • I remember Vinny talking about this on the podcast a while back and always meant to play it. It was originally a 3ds exclusive, but it got ported to Pc and I picked it up on steam not too long ago.

    Simply put, I absolutely love this game. Robuts and westerns are two of my favorite things and both together is even better. It wasn't particularly long, somewhere around 6 hours, but I had a blast with it!

  • The Swapper is an incredibly atmospheric game with some of the most challenging and rewarding puzzles I've had the pleasure to solve since portal. The narrative themes and subject matter thoughtfully explore the very nature of our consciousness.

  • A wonderful puzzle platformer with a surprisingly interesting story. Also rubber trenchcoats.

  • Random hilarity and nonsensical cohesion are the two phrases that pop into my mind when thinking of this game.

  • Even though I'm putting Titanfall on this list, by no means am I through playing it. I haven't been as excited and invested in a multiplayer game like this since Modern Warfare 2. So happy I ended up liking the it!

    So far, I've finished the campaign and put somewhere around 25 hours of time into the whole thing if I'm including the beta. At this point I'm pretty sure it'll end up somewhere on my Goty list.

  • The best exclusive for the Ps4 so far. A little short on content and narrative, but so much fun to play. I've already started my second playthrough.

  • Tight controls, satisfying combat and an awesome soundtrack. Aria of sorrow is the closest a Castlevania game has come to reaching the heights of Symphony of the Night for me. Definitely one of the best in the series.

  • Wow, just wow. I wish I'd have gotten around to playing this last year. It would've definitely made my top 10 list.

    Although, maybe my choice not to play the game before was yet another ending to the game... Regardless, I'm glad I finally decided to fire it up.

  • So I finally got around to finishing this game and I thought it was great. Some of the mysticism stuff was a little dumb, but the overall game itself was grand. Hopefully Far Cry 4 is just as good if not better.

  • What an all around great game. I was honestly getting a little sapped of enthusiasm with the Ac franchise, but what a breath of fresh and salty air this game was.

    Anytime I've played the game for the last few months I'll inevitably get a sea shanty or two stuck in head for the remainder of the day.

  • Fun B tier game. Just turned my brain off and sniped some dudes in slow mo. I'll probably get the one that just came out, especially given the promise through the dlc of shooting Hilter in the balls.

  • Gunslinger is a real nice arcadey western shooter that let me turn my brain off, much like Sniper Elite. The real life cowboy history interwoven into fictional scenarios was very well done and the overall story was surprisingly fun.

  • So, with the advent of Dan's hiring I decided to check up on his game informer history. I found that he played through half life in a Let's Play (Or as they call it - Super Replay). I put this game on here only because I put the time into watching a full playthrough, and that's basically the same as playing it, right?

  • As I mentioned above, I'd been watching Dan's super replay of Half life and wanted to play something similar from that era. By the time I finished it, it was about 6 hours.

    A brief synopsis - You're Parker, a miner slave on mars whose thrust into helping a revolution from within trying to liberate the other miner slaves from the oppressive government entity Ultor.

    It's a shooter... so, you shoot dudes and fight some weird monsters occasionally. There's also some really bad stealth, but all in all I enjoyed it. It was definitely worth the 1 dollar I got it for on a steam sale.

  • I beat Half Life 2 a few years ago on my 360. I only made my way 5 minutes into this right after and didn't pick it up again until a few days ago. I decided to finish it after watching Danny's half life charity. Good game, just like Hl2.

  • Downloaded this on a whim and had a very good time...for free! I'm really not into MMMO's or free to play stuff, but I do like diablo style games. Finished the campaign with Cap. Really enjoyed it!

  • One of my favorite games from 2012. Played through it again just because of the free weekend on steam. Just as great as I remembered. I actually ended up playing through the "Knife of Dunwall" dlc too.

  • This might just be my game of the year, at least so far.

  • I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but wowee was it great. Everything a South park fan could want from a game based on the property.

  • Fun little mega man esque game. Got it for free from backing Mighty No. 9.

  • Played through this again with the advent of Shocktober! A wonderful classic that still holds up. Here's something I wrote on the site if you'd like to read thoughts on it.

  • I played a ton of the multiplayer when I first got this game at the launch of the Ps4, but every time I tried to play the campaign it kept erasing my progress... Fast forward to now and I finally played through it. It wasn't anything revalatory, but a fun romp nonetheless. It definitely held me off until I get Advanced Warfare.

  • Well, I finally played Mgs2. I bought the game on og xbox a long time ago, but never made it past the tanker. I picked up the Hd collection some time ago, but only just sank my teeth into it now. Loved the game. Probably my favorite in the series. Raiden doesn't really hold up when compared to Snake, but he was a serviceable protagonist for me.

    The only thing I didn't really like about the game was the ending. I liked what it was trying to go for and did understand what happened to some extent, but I really feel like it was poorly done. It basically comes down to one giant exposition dump that keeps on stacking so many revelations on each other that it a little hard to keep up.

    They really go into some existential places and it doesn't all stick the landing for me. Again, really enjoyed my time with the game and will probably go back to it soon.

  • I feel weird about this game. I definitely like aspects to it. The characters, narrative, music and bond-esque style is, like other games in the series, a staple of why I love Metal Gear. On the other hand I really didn't like the setting.

    Don't get me wrong though. Movies like Predator and first blood are some of my favorites, so it's not strictly the jungle type setting. It's just... I didn't like "playing" a game in the setting. Other aspects of the food system were interesting, but ultimately became annoying.

    The camouflage was cool and something I actually liked, but again it became tedious to have to constantly go into the menu and equip different outfits for different situations. Ultimately I came away from Snake eater with a smile, but it's not something I'd play again. Unlike MGS2 which I chomping at the bit to fire back up again.