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Games I beat (2017 edition)

Getting it done in 2017

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  • I had acute bronchitis the entire time I played this. One of the only things that kept me sane. Funny, I was hacking the whole time myself... you know, cause coughing.

  • I played a lot of this game last year. Just finished it up in 2017. Great stuff.

  • Infinite warfare had one of the genuinely best campaigns I've played in years. The characters and story were wonderful.

  • I have a confession. I save scummed the hell outta this on the 3ds. Nonetheless I played through the whole game. It's a classic for a reason.

  • The Wii U doesn't list an hour count for their games, but I reckon I played easily 100 hours with this game. This game takes heavily from others and benefits from it greatly. So much love towards this game. The open ended nature is refreshing for the franchise and the gameplay is very easy to handle yet satisfying to experience. I expect this to be talked about ad nauseum around Goty.

    Barely had this on my radar till I saw dan talking about it. Didn't expect to play it anytime soon since I'm not interested in the Switch at this point. The Wii U version is fine though, so don't let that stop you if that's your only option.

  • I watched a youtube playthrough of it cause I'm a scaredy cat. It was Pewdiepies LP to be exact... don't judge me. Anyway time was invested, so it still count it on this list.

    Edit: I just want to make clear that I watched his RE7 let's play "before" all the nazi and racist stuff happened.

  • Finally went back and finished it. I beat both Dlc's as well. I really liked the game as a whole. I honestly think there are some people too hung up on Ds1 and that's the reason they can't see how good both this and 2 are. Wouldn't say they're wildly better, but at least on par.

  • Played through again before 2 comes out. Still great.

  • I played all of the raids for this game this year. Including all the prep that went into them. If there's ever an "end game" those are it, so I technically "beat" it this year.

  • I beat the Leviathan Raid! Not much else to do in the game at the moment, so I consider this one "beat" too.

  • Put 20 hours in and finally got a Chicken Dinner.

  • I don't even know what they would do with a sequel to this, but I hope they make one. To be honest, the "stinger" at the end left me indifferent. I would have prefered they kept that thread closed, but I suppose they need something to incentivise a sequel.

    Regardless, things felt fleshed out enough that I don't know what they would expand upon, narrative wise, in a second game. Like, all the mystique and mystery of the world was explained by the end. I don't have many questions left. Hopefully they can make me ask more in the next one (if there is one that is)

  • I have a copy of Odyssey sitting on my shelf right now. My switch hasn't arrived. I was going crazy, so I went back to this. Really wish I would've returned sooner, since 3d world is amazing. I got to the credits, but there's still a lot more to do. End game content in mario games are so good. And since I'm still just rambling here, the soundtrack in this game.... the SOUNDTRACK in this game - it's so goooood.

    Finished it with 198 stars.

  • Finished with 306 moons. This game is just too good.

  • I finished this one up on the last day of 2017. It was a nice way to round out my year playing games.