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Games I finished in the year of 2018 (∞)

Another year, another list, more games I finished.

List items

  • I love the cast of The New Colossus so much. Machine games knows how to write the hell outta characters. The intense violence crossed with moments of levity, and sincerity are weaved together so well. There were multiple times I actually laughed out loud, and one particular cutscene of events later in the game made me tear uo from doing so. At times I felt great hate toward the antagonists and their actions; some of the stuff with Bj's dad struck a chord with me. I was shaking with anger moments into the game. I was caught off guard and never expected it. Bj suddenly felt familiar. I knew him now. His journey became my own. I was ready to kill nazis.

    I didn't realize it, but Bj and I share the same Birthday - August 15. This, along with elements of his background gave me a kinship with him.

    There is some crazy stuff packed away in Wolfenstein. The story is audacious, fearless and lets you know what it's all about very quickly. I only wish the combat was as endearing in quality as the narrative.

  • I found this on Danny Odwyer's twitter and promptly checked it out. Seedship is a bite-sized sci-fi text adventure where you act as an A.I. tasked with settling 1000 colonists set adrift into the unknown reaches of space hoping to find humanity a new home. It very clearly lets you know that earth is more than likely barren now; this adds to the pressure of your decision. When you arrive to a new planet you are given a basic idea of what it's habitability is; stuff like atmosphere, presence of water, gravity, etc. You can also launch probes to find out more detailed info as well. Hazards in space and opportunities to upgrade scanning equipment can change your journey and it's result. I was less than successful on my first playthrough (which took maybe 20 minutes).

    I settled for an icy planet with low gravity, corrosive atmosphere, plenty of water and poisonous plant life. Most of the colonists died from gravity related health problems and an ill fated expedition into the ruins of an extinct civilization. A fairly bleak outlook was left on their new existence.

    I could have probably done better. At least I know I would be a shitty A.I.

  • A lot of my feelings toward Wolfenstein apply here as well. The story and characters are the draw, while the combat is only average (ever so close to teetering on bad for me) I never like coming out of a game wishing I could just watch it instead of playing.

    It's funny too, because in the past I had little problem with Uncharted's combat. Either something changed in this iteration or something changed about me, because at this point I don't find it enjoyable at all.

    Nathan has a brother. Oh, you never heard about him? That's okay, don't worry about it. Because Uncharted 4 doesn't ham fist him in the way you might expect. Sam's inclusion feels very natural; yet another part of Nathan's past we get to find out about. The brother's drake have a lot of history and the justification for his absence all this time was done well.

    A thief's end concludes the Nathan Drake saga very nicely. A lot of the history of Drake's childhood is here and it's some of the best stuff in the game. It also juxtaposes the fact that Drake is getting old. We've seen the whole "One Last Time" plot point before, but A Thief's End doesn't glorify it. They use it here as an element of self reflection and a point of character growth by the end of the game.

  • Curse of Osiris, Warmind and Forsaken expansions. Did the campaigns, raids, etc.