Honorable mentions of 2013

Although these games didn't quite make it on my Game of the Year list, they more than deserve an honorable mention.

List items

  • The roguest of legacies this year.

  • Laura Croft is basically a Lady Rambo in this. Really enjoyed the combat in this game. BIG BO!

  • Damn fine game with incredible atmosphere and lore. It's been years since I wrote down detailed notes in tandem with a game. The whole experience, and that's probably the perfect word to describe this game(experience), was pretty... intense.

  • I really think the tightened up combat compared to this first game was a fantastic improvement. The setting, atmosphere and narrative really enraptured me. More than enough to deserve an honorable mention

  • This was my first Devil May cry game and boy-oh was it a fun time. Completely separated from nostalgic letdowns and the internet shitstorm that surrounded it when this came out, I really think this game is rad.

  • Outlast really accomplished what it set out to do in my eyes. Which is to say, scare the hell out of me. Unfortunately, the encounters eventually became a little predictable and the last hour or so of the game was a little rough. Despite these minor critiques, I still think Outlast was pretty damn good. It definitely deserves an honorable mention.

  • This probably should've been in my top 5 game this year. I blame the lack of any kind of war economy.

    Really though, this game is awesome.

  • I really liked this game in spite of it's aggressively mediocre gameplay. It had some all right ideas that I can appreciate. Cyberpunk Paris is pretty awesome.