Chasing the tail

I am currently mixing and matching.  I own about twenty or so 360 games, and have not fully explored about a third of them. Starting from summer just past, I have been going through old games, whilst picking up a couple I'd missed during a few of year's out of playing. These have been Halo 3, Gears of War 2, and Eternal Sonata, maybe a few others. For Xmas I got Ghostbusters, so I've been thoroughly enjoying that, and for my upcoming birthday I think I'm getting The Saboteur from my dearest. 
I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII, Gears of War 3 much much later in the year, and probably Halo Reach, if that shows up. I also still want to pick up Halo ODST and maybe Batman Arkham Asylum, after all the great press on here. It's a beautiful mix of old and new.


My holiday season in gaming

I decided to enjoy a fortnight without any work to do by finally starting, and then completing Ninety-Nine Nights on X360. This took a long, long week. I'm glad of the new S rank and a cool 1000pts, but I have to say that it gets extremely repetitive, extremely fast. I originally bought the game because I enjoyed the Marketplace demo, and I figured it might be a nice diversion from the tonne of shooting games that dominate the system. It's not the best game, I don't know if I'd recommend it to anyone who is not a big fan of hack'n'slash-type titles. 
For Xmas day, I received Eternal Sonata, and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Strange combination, I know, but I had specifically requested Eternal Sonata because I was away from gaming when it was released, and the concept of a JRPG combined with a musical theme appeals very much to me. I haven't yet had a chance to put it in, because I first focused on finishing N3 and then moved onto the latter gift: Ghostbusters. 
This game, in my opinion, has gotten a bit of harsh treatment from Ryan in his review. Sure it's not the greatest game ever, sure you might find the action a little repetitive, but it's a totally different action from the usual shoot/run/cover of many other titles out right now. The title is very light-hearted too, and it's nice to not be gaming in a ruined environment for a change. There are faults, mind you, and I'm not going to ignore that, but as a fan of the series, it's really really good fun to play the role of a Ghostbuster, and over the past few days of playing it, I have found the good has outweighed the bad. 
Phew, well that's a long post about my holiday season gaming. Over the coming weeks I'm going to aim to complete Ghostbusters, then start Eternal Sonata, all the while occasionally getting an hour on GOW2's Insane campaign, which I am finding to be much harder than the original.


Perfect Dark Zero

Perfect Dark Zero. 
I forgot how disappointing it was. I was such a big fan of the N64 version, and I remember even being blown away by the opening video. Then the game was a big cartoony mess.