DKC Forever Wishlist

I've been thinking a little about the sequel to DKC Returns (which I hope is named Forever, its sequel being called DKC and Robin naturally) and I'd like to put down a quick list of the ten things I hope to see in it come November 2012 or whenever it comes out. 
10. Make an option to turn off the Super Guide. Seeing Checkpoink show up whenever I died 8 times really made me hate him by the end of the game. That's a terrible thing to do to a character.
9. Make the Time Trial mode restart faster. No point in restarting if the timer isn't reset. Look at Super Meat Boy for an example of how fast a platformer should restart you.
8. Make the map less Mariolike. No red and blue squares! Flags at the levels if you want to get fancy, faces if you want to be traditional. Kongs walking around would also be nice.
7. Make Kong Letters give lives instead of access to hidden levels, add DK coins, Kremcoins for the lost world purposes, though they can keep Puzzle Pieces.
6. Fix the roll. You should be able to roll through dudes without worrying about hitting the 3rd dude even when you don't have Diddy. That's how it was in the original games, and it made the roll an effective attack for any situation. (You could keep rolling so long as you were hitting dudes was the rule.)
5. Snow. Really speaks for itself.
4. Use only DKC2 music for remixing. It was a real misstep I think not using any of it here, especially considering the inclusion of Volcano stages, which really could've used some Hot Head Bop.
3.  A Super Meat Boy styled dark world version of every stage after you get a Gold Metal on a level or get all the Kong letters or something.
2.  Squitter, Rattly, (playable) Squawks and transforming into an animal buddy. Squitter could make platforms beneath him as he walks or jumps if it has to be fast, and Rattly would be a perfect fit since this game already stresses jumping over rolling, which is basically what Rattly sections did. Squawks could work too because there's already flying, it just has less controls than Squawks did.
1. Have Donkey Kong kidnapped and make Diddy and Dixie the playable characters. This one is a little less likely, and I think a lot of people will think I'm crazy for saying this (if they didn't play DKC2 that is), but the removal of DK was one of the best and ballsiest decisions they made in the development of DKC2, and I think it would really help the franchise going forward if they were to do it again.
Overall I'd say that DKCR was very much a sequel to DKC in the same way that DKL was, expanding on the elements from it as if later games didn't exist, only problem being that DKC2 was the pinnacle of the series, and ignoring the progress made there was kinda dumb. Therefore, I feel while simply removing the flaws from DKCR would be a perfectly fine way to make a sequel, I feel they should definitely make an effort to draw a lot more from DKC2 than they did in this first go. 
So yeah, that's my list. I could go into detail point by point, but it's 2 days after Christmas and I really don't feel like it.