Massive Donkey Kong Page Overhaul

 I've just dropped 650 points of work into the Donkey Kong wiki article since it was pretty poor for one of the most frequent video game characters there is. I think my article goes into the characterization of Donkey Kong more than some people will expect, explaining his character flaws and how he differs in some of the more recent games, but I think it's pretty solid anyway.
Still a couple things to do I suppose. For instance, the original page was largely random trivia put into a few sentences posing as paragraphs, I simply deleted a lot of stuff. It'd be a good idea to drop in some needless trivia at the end concerning the character's creation, his resurgence, and any other random facts that you feel isn't relevant but you might as well mention.  
Also, I don't like the default picture as it characterizes him as a dimwitted grinning moron, while the DKC games all characterized that specific character as a laid back and likable. Since DKC is returning I think it makes sense to slot in the much better looking DK render from the Brawl site. I'd do it, but that's for folk with 5000 points. Finally if anyone wants to write a paragraph or two talking the character through the Donkey Kong franchise before DKC, go ahead and put it right after the overview and before DKC. I wrote a decent paragraph in the overview summarizing the early games, but that's not much really. 
Oh, and someone who can add aliases needs to add "DK" as an alias because he's called that half the time he's referred to.

I've been doing some work with pages relating from the Donkey Kong series, like the Extra Life Balloon page for instance, but there's just so much that needs to be done. Even the basics need a ton of work. Diddy's page is hardly a paragraph, Dixies is 4 of 5 pieces of trivia. Some pages, like Donkey Kong Island, are just completely blank. It's just terrible. I'm gonna try to do my part, but there's a lot of DKC related entries out there and I can't right 300 points for every one of them.