Nintendo's Stuff

Nintendo seem to have just hit their press event where they get a little less vague about their 3 big announced games of this year and show off a bunch of stuff that's either dumb, or too late. For example they made a point that DSiware will be become a games service, as opposed to a venue for clocks with photos. Only it took them a year, and they still got the issue that I don't see myself running out to the store to buy a new version of a system I play 2 games a year on tops. And no, a bigger one doesn't help. Another thing that's stupidly late is Warioware: Do it Yourself. I don't think you're allowed to have any mystery about a game that came out in Japan a solid year ago, so announcing its coming out does little to excite me, rather made me wonder if I was right in thinking it was an April 09 game for Japan. 
Other than that, there were a few trailers for games that are actually of note, and I suppose they look okay. Can't say I really learned anything about the games in question, but makes me want them a bit more. Say what you will about the informative, interesting, 6 months in advance developer diary approach, the vague ass trailer has a way of getting into your head. A part of me makes me want to pass up Galaxy 2 on principle then, in favor of a game that had the decency to try to get me involved by awesome gameplay and developer diaries for months and months, but I sorta think I won't be able to. Pokemon though I'm definitely taking a pass on. As much as I'd love to play through Johto again, there are more better games to buy out there. 
Metroid though looks a bit crap honestly. When looking at the article and drowsily reading the first passage I said to myself "Wait, is this like Shadow Complex? Some 2.5D Action? I could be into that." And then I read on and found that its a story driven metroid game with weird 3D controls and automatic fighting. I sorta wonder if it'll have a focus of exploration what with the solid story they're shoving into the series, but I'm pretty sure I don't care either way. The things they've done to the gameplay just sound bad to me for some reason, and I sorta don't want anything more to do with them.