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Look at the schedule right now everyone, it’s a Hitsmas Miracle!

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They brought back Winter Games but not Hitsmas?

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Maybe tomorrow's videos are both Hitsmas? A two parter for no reason like on Tuesday?

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After finishing the Detective QL autoplay tried to play an Unprofesh from a week ago I already finished a week ago. Maybe you should just disable this feature all together if it's going to choose videos you have 1 seconds left of rather than videos you were in the middle of watching. (Like the first choice on my Continue Watching list, the Playdate I was halfway through).

Also the shows list is baffling in its pointlessness. It's like... the latest entry in each show. That's not how queues work? Either it should be all the episodes of your followed shows that have happened in order, like Youtube, or it should be the next episode you've yet to watch, like how Netflix or Crunchyroll works. This is a worst of all worlds approach.

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It's really strange how the Latest Carousel on the home page has the latest on the left, but the Carousel of other Quick Looks when you're watching one has the latest on the right. Can you make that consistent? Preferably by making it always on the left, just like it's always been since the site launched over 10 years ago. Or have it as an option.

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@planetary said:

Shows list description should have start and end years. The list should be sortable in different ways, e.g. alphabetically, by earliest episode date, by latest episode date, by site (west, east), etc.

Shows list is wildly incomplete.

For start years and end years to matter we also need to not lump old shows together, like how Bombasticas have been lumped into "Old Games". If we lump it doesn't get a start date and an end date.

I'd like to see the show list show each year as a separate area, with all the shows that were active during that given year. Either that or each show appears in the year it ended?

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Some more feedback on podcasts that need be broken up into the shows that make them up- Giant Bomb Presents. Looking through there are quite a few shows under this banner that deserve to given their due on the new site as their own shows.

  • Giant Bomb Review Podcast: This is quickly becoming a pretty set in stone show, it needs to be represented as such.
  • Danswers: There's a free Danswers ep in the Presents feed, that should be put with the other Danswers eps. Make it so that you can subscribe to a free feed of Danswer's that's just the one episode I guess, but premium people should be able to get all the danswers there's ever been in a single feed. Maybe put on the Podcast Show listings how many free/premium episodes each show split like this has. Can also apply to unprofesh which has had a few free shows over the years.
  • My First E3: This has a T Shirt. If it has a T Shirt, it's it own show.
  • Some Free Episodes of Dan Ryckert's Family Time Podcast: Should put this with the rest of the Dan Ryckert's Family Time podcasts. Like with Danswers have a free feed with just free eps and a premium feed with everything.
  • Department of New Business: This is ended but should still be listed. It had a name and a very specific format. It is by all means its own show.
  • Interviews and maybe Spoilercasts can stay in Presents, that's fine. Old stuff when Presents was thought to be not a place for seperate shows.

I think that there can be a few... bundled feeds to subscribe to. Like sure, have an "All Premium" or an "All Side Podcasts Free" feed to subscribe to. But it shouldn't be the default because it buries shows that are very much their own established shows.

(Note this also applies to the Old Games' "show" which combines Bombasticas, Jeff Gerstmann Home Game, and One Off Free Streams into a single package. Which is a shame if you don't like Jeff Gerstmann Home Game but do like One Off Free Streams. Also need to put together series with parts in several places like the Life is Strange Choose Your Own Adventure stuff. Also also, need to make shows that were unofficial like the weekly Game Room Quick Look years back or Dan & Brad's Hitman Coverage into their own Shows now retroactively. It's a lot to sort out, I hope yall best of luck.)

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I’d like if the show archive was sorted by how old each show was when they were finished/discontinued. Maybe even a year-year under each one as well so you know when they were.

Course this wouldn’t make sense when there are “shows” like Old Games and Premium Podcasts hanging around that group multiple disparate shows into one. Bombasticas, Old Games Shows, Jeff Gerstmann Home Game, and One Off Streams should be separated because they are all very different beasts, and liking one doesn’t mean liking the others actually.

Also do make sure that series like the weekly Game Room QLs and the ongoing Hitman coverage gets put into shows as well. They were certainly shows, even if they didn’t get show names while they ran.

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@xeiphyer: I think the idea is that Archived Shows haven't been touched in a year or two. I agree though, that there should also be... tags for like, premium, ongoing, completed, hiatus/suspended, etc that you either filter by, group shows by, etc.

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@fixbane: I agree, any ongoing content like that should be its own season at least. Same for the Life is Strange playdates, as well as the other similar playdate playthroughs.