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Hello. Exchanged a few tweets with Dan Auer about autoplay as I've generally not seen useful suggestions of it. For instance, today when I finished Mass Alex it's suggestion was the Google stream from last week, which I saw already. I had watched it on Youtube, but there was a brand new QL it could've suggested instead. He asked me in a reply to post my expectations here, so here I go.

My basic expectation would be for recent videos the specific show doesn't matter. If I'm not watching through old episodes what I mostly want to do is watch the latest episodes of shows I follow in the order they've been released. So if I'm watching Die Another Friday I expect the suggestion should be Unprofessional Fridays. And if I finish that on Saturday the next suggestion should be whatever QL hits Saturday morning if one does. Only when there's nothing newer should it go backwards looking for autoplay suggestions, I think.

Alternatively, when watching older shows I do think that it's probably right to stick to the next latest episode of a certain show. So if you've just watched a first episode of an Endurance Run makes sense to suggest the second. Or if you watch an old QL the next old QL makes total sense. However, there should be some exceptions in there. For instance, when one watches "Hitman: Episode 5: Colorado", they probably want to watch "The Second Half Of That Hitman DLC: Colorado" next if they're a premium member. Same for cases such as when GB Makes Mario levels have been uploaded during UPF or other streams.

I admit that figuring out when you use latest rules and when to use archival rules is tricky, especially when you consider edge cases like This Is The Run which update multiple times a week. However, I have an idea that might help.

If someone gets to a video using the "Latest" Carousel on the home page, it would follow that they want to watch things in latest order. Conversely, if they get there from a show page or a show carousel, they'd probably want to watch it that way. What I would suggest is use origin to determine the default, and then have a way to change what carousel is below a video (a dropdown maybe), and have the active carousel determine which video is next. You could see latest (like before the rework, which I used almost exclusively), or a show, or maybe even game specific carousel if the game has multiple videos. That would also happen to solve the Hitman problem described above, since Colorado and The Second Half of Colorado would be next to each other in a Hitman Specific Carousel. In time you could even consider custom playlists as a feature. There would be a concern for long streams where many games may be played, the drop down might have a lot of entries. Unsure if that would be a problem. Probably not an insurmountable problem though.

Good luck, this seems like a lot to figure out, hope this helps.

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Fun new problem, if you switch tabs in Chrome the video (but not sound) freezes until you pause/unpause.

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Since Mario Maker 1 faded into history Discord became a thing that has effectively replaced forums. Like how there’s a GB Discord for Apex matchmaking or other games should we also get a GB Discord going for Mario Maker 2 level sharing once the game is nearer to release?

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Look at the schedule right now everyone, it’s a Hitsmas Miracle!

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They brought back Winter Games but not Hitsmas?

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Maybe tomorrow's videos are both Hitsmas? A two parter for no reason like on Tuesday?

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After finishing the Detective QL autoplay tried to play an Unprofesh from a week ago I already finished a week ago. Maybe you should just disable this feature all together if it's going to choose videos you have 1 seconds left of rather than videos you were in the middle of watching. (Like the first choice on my Continue Watching list, the Playdate I was halfway through).

Also the shows list is baffling in its pointlessness. It's like... the latest entry in each show. That's not how queues work? Either it should be all the episodes of your followed shows that have happened in order, like Youtube, or it should be the next episode you've yet to watch, like how Netflix or Crunchyroll works. This is a worst of all worlds approach.

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It's really strange how the Latest Carousel on the home page has the latest on the left, but the Carousel of other Quick Looks when you're watching one has the latest on the right. Can you make that consistent? Preferably by making it always on the left, just like it's always been since the site launched over 10 years ago. Or have it as an option.

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@planetary said:

Shows list description should have start and end years. The list should be sortable in different ways, e.g. alphabetically, by earliest episode date, by latest episode date, by site (west, east), etc.

Shows list is wildly incomplete.

For start years and end years to matter we also need to not lump old shows together, like how Bombasticas have been lumped into "Old Games". If we lump it doesn't get a start date and an end date.

I'd like to see the show list show each year as a separate area, with all the shows that were active during that given year. Either that or each show appears in the year it ended?