5 Dumb Awards 2014

Some dumb awards to a few games for random stuff.

List items

  • BEST SOUND EFFECTS: The sound effects of Hearthstone breath so much life into your minions and spells. They take on a life of their own with the various things they shout as they're played. Really top notch. (Runner Up: Jackbox Party Pack)

  • BIGGEST BUYERS REMORSE: I hate this game. It's awful. It wasn't Assassin's Creed Like at all. It was just a GTA knockoff and an awful one at that. I hate just about everything about it. (Runner up: Assassin's Creed Unity)

  • MOST LIKELY TO BE COPIED: The Nemesis System is incredible. Super great! In two or three years I'm certain it'll be in a half dozen other games from other publishers. So good. (Runner up: Jackbox Party Pack)

  • THE "HURRY UP" AWARD FOR NEEDING NEW CONTENT: Holy shit that cliffhanger. Put out part two already for fuck's sake. (Runner Up: Super Smash Bros)

  • THE "WHY ISN'T THIS RELEASED ON NA VC" AWARD: This game was released in Europe and Japan this fall but not in North America. Goddamn it release it! I want to rebuy it along with the other games. Fuck. (Runner Up: Every N64 Game)