5 Painfully Dumb Awards 2015

Every year I put up some dumb awards to go with my GOTY list. Here's last year's. This year's is particularly dumb!

List items

  • BEST NEW HERO: Cho'Gall --- Cho'Gall is the first two player hero to be added to Heroes of the Storm and, indeed, any MOBA. Playing Cho'Gall with a friend is an incredible experience. Powerwise you're a raid boss. As a team you're basically Pacific Rim. Your abilities tie into each others, as do your talent picks. It's fucking incredible. Personally I'm a Gall man. I love just dishing out as much damage as I can while leaving the tricky positioning stuff to Cho. So much fun. (Runner up: Kharazim)

  • MOST APPRECIATED NERF: Zeratul --- Zeratul was fucking broken. Jesus Christ. Void Prison was so good it'd be worth playing Zeratul even without the rest of his kit, Void Prison would be enough. The fix was super smart. Reducing the range keeps its impact but makes landing a perfect one a lot harder/riskier. Super smart. (Runner up: Kael'Thas)

  • MOST EXCITING PROSPECT: Overwatch Heroes --- Goddamn I want Overwatch heroes in Heroes like now. I mean, I know that there's only around 12 heroes being added per year and Starcraft/Warcraft and Diablo need their share but damn it Overwatch has so many great heroes to pick from! The sibling rivals Genji and Hanzo, D'Va, Pharah, Lucio,Winston, Torbjorn, Reinhardt. They'd all be so good to have! (Runner up: Greymane)

  • BEST TRAILER: The Butcher Hero Trailer --- Man what a cool ass trailer. It's basically a slasher piece. I can't really do it justice in text other than to say it captures the horror of the Butcher jumping your ass perfectly and is a genuinely tense horror short. I wish all the hero trailers managed to balance cinematic aspirations and the cool factor of the heroes as well as this one but none are really close to this one's perfection. (Runner up: Blizzcon Hero Reveal Trailer)

  • BEST NEW BATTLEGROUND: Towers of Doom --- This battleground is nothing like any other MOBA Battleground. It eschews the usual business of wearing down defenses so as to beat on a core in favor of a really interesting dance of forts which change hands and map objectives which determine almost entirely who wins and loses. It's great to come back on this map. Even if you lose all the objectives in the first half you can stem the tides by denying objectives from there on out, taking forts left and right, and making sure to have better control of the merc game. This map is not only a refreshing change of pace, it's also a lot of fun. (Runner Up: Battlefield of Eternity)