Best of 2018

This is it, the list of the best games of 2018. Enjoy.

---Side Awards---

Most Honorable Mention: Mario Tennis Aces (Runner Up: The Messenger)
The single player mode was really a pain to get through to unlock everything, but I've played a ton of the multiplayer with family and it's been great to have on hand.

The Fuck This I'm Done Award: Hearthstone (Runner Up: Rivals of Aether)
I realized this year I shouldn't buy 50 dollar expansion preorders if I'm not going to play more than a few games per month, if that. So basically I'm done and I'll never play the game again most likely.

Character of the Year: King K Rool (Runner Up: Susie)
King K Rool is back and he's so fun to play. It's hilarious how his basic gameplay style is so evocative of his original fights. You throw your crown a lot and it's absurd how well it works. I love it.

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