Best of 2018

This is it, the list of the best games of 2018. Enjoy.

---Side Awards---

Most Honorable Mention: Mario Tennis Aces (Runner Up: The Messenger)
The single player mode was really a pain to get through to unlock everything, but I've played a ton of the multiplayer with family and it's been great to have on hand.

The Fuck This I'm Done Award: Hearthstone (Runner Up: Rivals of Aether)
I realized this year I shouldn't buy 50 dollar expansion preorders if I'm not going to play more than a few games per month, if that. So basically I'm done and I'll never play the game again most likely.

Character of the Year: King K Rool (Runner Up: Susie)
King K Rool is back and he's so fun to play. It's hilarious how his basic gameplay style is so evocative of his original fights. You throw your crown a lot and it's absurd how well it works. I love it.

List items

  • This is the best Smash Brothers they've ever made. The gameplay is tighter than ever, the new characters are all incredible, and it's gotten me into playing online more than any previous Smash game ever has. Seriously, I've played hundreds of matches in the last two weeks which is wild considering the matchmaking isn't even great yet. That's not even considering that it has the best single player mode a Smash has ever had, as well as Squad Strike which is the best multiplayer mode Smash has ever had. Smash Ultimate is just the best, okay.

  • I think Celeste is my favorite non DKC platformer of all time. It plays extremely well, it's got an incredible story, great level design, and amazing replay value. The added accessibility options are great both for accessibility and for when you want to replay the game with a twist. Additionally, Celeste is an amazing speedgame and the runs at SGDQ were incredible. Celeste is great at everything it tries, and I love it.

  • A perfect strategy game full of bite size battles where every move matters. I love all the mechs and squads. Learning a new squad is extremely rewarding since each has to approach the puzzle of combat in a slightly different way. Dialing that in is always a pleasure.

  • Hitman 2 is more Hitman, and the new modes they added don't land but goddamn if the More Hitman isn't some of the best Hitman they've ever done. Every level in Hitman 2 is a winner, each full of amazing moments. Plus, the mechanical changes they've made are great, and improve the bad levels from Hitman 1.

  • The most fun I've had with a roguelike in ages. The combat in Dead Cells is rewarding and engaging on a basic level, not even considering that the variation in weapons makes for incredible variety in gameplay. My only big problem with the game is the way it does unlocks sucks since getting blueprints is random and if you finish all the ones you have unlocked the progression stops. Also there were some bugs at launch that stopped you from unlocking some blueprints. Unfortunate from a game that is otherwise sublime.

  • Should this game count? I dunno, whatever. This was an amazing surprise. Building on Undertale's success with a game that feels just as fresh and novel is a huge feat, and I like that it was a short story that felt complete. I hope Toby can make more of this.

  • I always thought a Pinball Adventure game would rule, but I always pictured an action game. Yoku's Island Express is laid back and chill, and it works wonderfully. It's really nice to pinball around the world at your leisure and do pinball stuff. Very, very nice.

  • One of the best written games of the year. I love the style, and how it uses a fun metaphor to explore gentrification, and when your job is destroying people's lives. It's a bit short, but it leaves a strong impression.

  • The learning curve on Spider-Man's combat was rough, but once you get into the swing of things there's plenty of powerful options that you can get good at abusing. Plus the swinging is good. Plus the story is engaging.

  • Boy!