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Best of the Tens

A Best Of The Decade List! Expanding it out to 15 entries, to make it a little more all encompassing.

List items

  • This might be my favorite genre, and this is the best it's ever been. I love how you can explore each world in different orders each time you play, I also love all the personality and variety you get as you play through it.

  • The Perfect Smash Brothers. In addition to the best roster updates they've ever done (K. Rool AND Banjo-Kazooie), they've perfected the gameplay adding back the directional dodge and speeding it up a bit. I've never stuck with a Smash as much as I have with this game. I'm still playing it online after a whole year.

  • (Super Mario Maker 1/2) - My favorite creative outlet. Making takes a lot out of me, but I find it very rewarding.

  • This took the bones of TF2 and built a game that I haven't soured on yet. It avoided the things that killed TF2 for me, while building in directions I hadn't considered. I love how every hero is powerful and cool in their own right through mobility or power, or both. It's very good. I continue to play it.

  • I want another game to be as good as Mass Effect 2. While in the end the reasons the Collectors are up to shit aren't very good, the journey of building your squad is just perfectly done. This is a game about building your crew, and all the missions to that end are perfectly written. What I want more than anything else is more games like this.

  • (Circa mid 2018, I can't vouch for 2019 onward) - I fell off recently, but while the game was updating regularly it was fun and fresh, and I enjoyed following along with it. The injections of content every month or two gave me something new to learn or play with, and usually it was pretty good shit. I'm sad that the updates slowed down.

  • This is just a profoundly good game. You explore a solar system, discover scientific anomalies and ancient alien artifacts, and eventually realize how it all fits together, which it does perfectly. It's all connected like no other game I know.

  • Funny as fuck, really well written, the combination of RPG and bullet hell is really really clever. Plus the characters are memorable and iconic. Love this game.

  • A perfect platformer as good as DKC2 was in 1995! It's hard to imagine this game being better, though they managed it the other year by adding Funky Kong. Really great platforming, really cool worlds, deffo one of the best games of the decade.

  • (Hitman 2016/Hitman 2) Two extremely funny games, really well crafted, enjoyed ringing all the enjoyment that could be had out of these two games. While not every map is great, there's still good things in them. A story mission that shines, a hilarious piece of writing, perhaps a drum solo. Even when its bad, Hitman is great.

  • Strap it on!

  • While there are a few nasty little scenes that undermine the game's messages, if you can look past them game is fantastic. It makes the dungeons more than simple mazes, actually making them engaging for me to play. Plus, it's fantastic to hang out in Tokyo, especially with all the music and style brought to bear here. This is not only the first Persona game I actually finished, it's the first Persona game I finished twice.

  • For me, this is the indie platformer of the decade. It's a really well polished game, with great accessibility options that allow for lots of way to replay it casually, and great high end tech that makes for really entertaining speedruns. Unfortunately the last chapter free DLC is not especially playable if you're only average skill, but whatever. It's free DLC, and you can just make yourself invincible and blow through it if you really want to.

  • A combinations of cool perspective based platforming puzzles and layers of mysteries to unravel. It has a ton of memorable moments, and is one of the prettiest best pixel art games of the decade.

  • This is the best game collection package anyone did this generation bonus featurewise, pricewise and varietywise. Not only that, I happen to quite like Rare so this is a killer package for me specifically. I am convinced this belongs here on the list and you can't convince me otherwise.