Game of the Year 2015

2015 was another great year for video games. Potentially an even better year than the last two, but that's subjective. For me 2015 was a year full of as many highs as any year. I think I put a lot more hours into gaming than I did last year (what with so many long ass RPGs coming out), and I'm pretty happy about that. I find quite a few games that I like every year, it seems.

But that's enough of that. On to the list.

List items

  • A relatively easy choice for the number 1 spot. Not many games came close to providing me with the experience that the Witcher 3 gave me. I love this game. The world is beautiful and immersive. The characters are well fleshed out and pretty likable (for the most part). The combat (while not the main draw) is pretty fun and inventive. And the story and side content was the best of the year. Pretty easy choice, all things considered. I'll get to the expansions next year, for sure.

  • The number 2 spot was a little more contentious, but I think Bloodborne is the right choice for me. Bloodborne had some of the best combat of any game this year. It just feels great to get in on a giant boss or an online hunter and start hacking away. The world (while a little bland at the beginning) was immersive and looked great, as well. I'll probably never get the platinum like Brad did , but the time that I spent with Bloodborne was some of the best that I spent this year.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X is a worthy successor to the Wii classic. The world that was created is absolutely massive and diverse. The combat is inventive and fun, and the mechs keep combat fresh about 30 to 40 hours in. I still have yet to finish this game (will probably happen next month) but I believe I have played enough of it to put it on my list. X is a great game and a Wii U must play.

  • I love the characters of Persona 4. I love them so much, that I was willing to give a Hatsune Miku-style rhythm game (games which I have never played) a chance. After playing this game, I may have to give them a try.

    I love Persona music; and the remixes and new music in this game may be some of the best in the series. I actually really like the dancing in this game as well and have gone back to watch each of them after I completed the song (the Persona crew are all really good dancers). I love the style, I actually really liked the story (it's no Persona 4, but what is...), I liked the challenge of some songs (although I'll probably never do All-Night difficulty) and I liked that it was a pretty easy platinum...

    Overall, it's the perfect package for anyone who loves Persona 4.

  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a fantastic game. The combat (while difficult to get into) is super satisfying. I love the gear in this game; even if it takes a little while to get a full set of any gear. I love the monster design and fighting them is pretty thrilling.

    I'll probably never get to G rank, but I had a great time with Monster Hunter and will go back to it some time next year.

  • I have always really liked Bethesda open world games, but Fallout 4 is probably my least favorite of them. I just got pretty bored with it towards the end. I still have yet to finish it, but doubt I'll go back to it any time soon.

    With that said, Fallout 4 still belongs on this list. The combat is way better than it was in Fallout 4/New Vegas, and I actually liked that they gave the main character a voice. I also kinda liked the base building in this game.

    It's a pretty good game overall, and hopefully I'll find a need to go back to it soon.

  • I don't think I'm as into these games as others in this community, but I still liked the time I spent with Super Mario Maker. Making levels is pretty easy and playing levels is pretty fun.

    I don't know, that's all I really have to say about this game. It's just fun.

  • Gametrailers totally added this to their "Best Wii U" list, so I'm doing the same.

    I really liked my time with Captain Toad. The puzzles were fun to play and the game looks great.

    It's a cute little game, and I just wanted to recognize it on my list even if it did come out last year.

  • I've put a few hours into this game to finish off the year, and while that may seem like not enough time to warrant a spot on my list; I don't really care - this is my list.

    Code Name: S.T.E.A.M is a cool little game. I like the style of this game and the gameplay (while a little difficult at times) is fun. I think I'm going to put quite a bit of time into this game before the end of the year.

    Plus they totally made the wait time between turns better. It's totally fine now.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is a pretty cool little game. There isn't much to the gameplay or the modes in this game, but I had a bit of fun with it. Combat looks cool and that's all that really matters to me.

    It's not that bad.