Bioshock 2 Crushes Dreams of Worthy Sequel for Sea of Fans

     I've got to admit, I was extremely excited to hear there was a planned sequel for one of my favorite games, BioShock.  However, the excitement quickly subsided upon information that BioShock 2 would actually be a sequel.  To me, it doesn't feel like there's much left to be done with the original BioShock storyline after the events fo the original game.  I feel BioShock 2 would have been a lot of fun had it been a prequel.  Could you imagine starting the game viewing the magnificence of the once eutopian Rapture?
     I think the game would have heavily benefited from the strong sense of dramatic irony gamer-end while watching rapture quickly crumble.  Imagine entering Rapture as plasmids were beginning to get out of control.  I mean, you could have even played the part of assisting Andrew Ryan and eventually become a Big Daddy or something of the like.  My point being, they could have still put you behind the roll of Big Daddy without putting you in a predictably lame sequel.
     They even could have introduced a new city altogether.  Perhaps a Rapture created for the moon by Ryan's predecessor?  There was so much room for Bio Shock 2 to be great.  As a fan, I'm left feeling sorely disappointed in what I've read, heard and seen about the game.  Let's hope 2K has an ace in the hole with this one.