I regret selling my sex bawx

That's what I jokingly call Xbox's from time to time, i got it from an episode of family guy years ago (back when family guy was bearable).
I sold my 360 back in 2007 and used the money I got for it to buy a custom gaming PC, which was at the time quite good for what I payed for it.  Since then though I've missed Halo 3 and various other games on the 360, which I would like to play.  My experiences with my computer since then have been mixed, although I have enjoyed some aspects to it, theres been alot of times that I wish I had just stuck to the 360 even if I only had a couple of games for it and it happened to be a faulty thing that I had keep sending to microsoft to get "fixed"
Sure I have a computer now to type this, surf the internet and of course store all my music which is great but the gaming side of it is a big hassle.   I think I've given PC gaming a good chance and it's just not for me.  So If I can get the money then it's back to consoles.