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Suprisingly Awesome! 1

Its ComingInformation on Super Street Fighter IV was first accidentally leaked to the public when an image of the game’s producer, Yoshitori Ono, was featured in the German version of Gamepro. The picture was of a screen shot of T. Hawk with the Super Logo in the background of the photo.  From This leak discussion of the game exploded all over the internet, Was it an awesome download pack? what was it? WOW, more new stuff! The first official news left a little doubt in everyones minds howeve...

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Double The Impact? 0

Capcom is certanly rolling out the retro games as well as the modern refreshes. With the love hate of the 8-bit Megaman Mixes it s interesting to see how this shapes upon a bit of a retro kick lately.   Seeing this launching in the arcade cabinet does make you feel like a kid. The old approach to Xbox Live download games was fine, but this just does something, I am not sure what but it does. You could say it is a cop out and that But it is just done with love and you can tell.  So it is clear f...

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Proof of concept 1

Not much more you can add really, Brad hits the nail on the head really.  You can see number 2 and beyond expanding on this big time as well as a wii version (wii plus, write in the air to write text on screen) From this you can see a lot of the limitations can be solved. Extend the wordbase of course but for each object create multiple states of use and then intelligently know what the situation is to use the correct state. So when you want to put out a fire the objects that could know you want...

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