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You call yourself a JRPG gamer?!

A list of the classic JRPGs that any self respecting JRPG gamer should play.

List items

  • The Breath of Fire series has always been a staple in the JRPG genre. The use of the same blue haired hero and the blond haired heroine make the game unique among its kind.

  • Saga Frontier is a nice combination of a great list of characters and a unique story for each one.

  • One of the greatest, most emotional JRPGs to ever grace the genre. I can chose who lives and dies? Color me god.

  • Action jrpg with a bunch of heart that makes Final Fantasy look like the little train that could.

  • *Pops out from under his desk with a Richard Nixon mask*

    One of the scariest JRPGs out there and is the prequal to the Shadow Hearts series. Can you stomach all the insanity?

  • Phew pheeeew pheeew

    For those that don't know, that was my pathetic attempt at whistling. This game combines a western soundtrack with a powerful storyline that is sure to engage even the most picky of JRPG gamers.

  • Herald as the black sheep of Sony, this JRPG was released in the shadow of Final Fantasy, and never gained the widespread recognition that it truly deserved as a great JRPG.


    This is one of the first JRPGs on the market that began to adopt a large scale character interaction and voice structure inside its gameplay. Today the game doesn't have as widspread success as it once did, but this game was easily the best in the series.

  • Vandal Hearts was one of the games that truly exemplified the SJRPG. It was a game with great characters, interesting graphics, beautiful character progression, and many more.This is the game that helped build my current pseudonymn as well!

  • One Squaresoft's earlier titles on the SNES, Secret of Mana was one of the greatest action jrpgs ever released.

  • I have fond memories of sitting up at night in my self-made tent having my playstation hooked up to a 12'' crappy television and playing this beautiful game. This sidescrolling action JRPG is truly amazing.

  • Theres nothing I can really say that does the Tales series justice, other than its great.

  • Linda Cubed Again is a game with one of the greatest video game stories ever made, told through a series of demented cinematics.