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Shock, Then Awe 0

InFAMOUS; a game which has challenged my perceptions over the course of a 20 hour romp through the streets of a city plagued by gangs, plagues, and a general lack of back up generators. My experience with the game started out  leaving my comfortable gaming chair in search of a sandwhich would would keep me company during the mandatory loading process that Sony games have become fond of. Upon my return, I found myself sitting on top of a mound with bulidings falling down all around me. The grainy...

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Saul Meyers: License to Win 1

Lately, many games have began to adopt the whole Sand Box Theory, that all games with freedom do well on the market. I mean, with so many good examples as Morrowind and GTA, who could fail? Well Deep Shadows tried making one of those sand box games, and they spat out this game called "Boiling Point". This game attempts to take the gritty South American drug lord thing and combine it with a freedom that would drive Michael Moore nuts. Through the games gameplay, sound, and graphics it attempts to...

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What does a rotten heap of cheetoes, a desk covered in mountain dew, and couple of callus on your fingers have in common? Civilizations. Civilizations is a series that has become known for its addicting gameplay, over the top animated portrayals of historical figures, and gameplay that is fulfilling. Civilization Revolution is Sid Meier's newest attempt at bringing an experience that will leave you wanting to click end turn just one more time......*Scroll the clock forward five hours* Just one m...

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Kick off those brakes. 0

Every blue moon there comes a game that blows off the collective dust of unoriginality and breaks the mold. No More Heroes made a great attempt, but did it have the lung capacity to remove the moldy residue from the cookie cutter games we've been seeing lately? Armed with a lightsaber, some killer wrestling moves, great dialogue, interesting enemies, intriguing story, and a unique art style Travis Touchdown manages to atleast cauterize the wound.Travis Touchdown is the main protagonist of this a...

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If Sigmund Frued made an rpg 0

Video games as an art form is one of the most widely debated issues of the industry. The most accepted view point is that games haven't been able to capture the level of high art. However, Persona 3 is one of the strongest attempts yet to combine subtle satirical nuances with a unique flavor and style all of its own.This game has managed to set itself above the rest through the use of beautifully crafted characters and story, a unique soundtrack, and gameplay that we've all come to know and love...

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