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Oh, yes, the stepfather's clearly retarded and insane, but Nintendo's responsible because of gun-shaped remote controls!  I bet these people said Grand Theft Auto causes teen crime, too (in case you're wondering why I brought that up, the FBI determined that teen crime rates dropped corresponding with the release of the game, but the press doesn't care because it has violence, so it must have caused crime!).  The press just loves to shift some of the blame to video games, don't they?  They need to find a new scapegoat for a new time.
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Apparently, I'm now following 11 people for some reason, despite not choosing to follow any of them, and the "Stop Following?" links on my All Followed Users page aren't working.  Does that automatically happen with new accounts, is there something wrong with my account, or has my account been hacked or something?  I left it open on a public computer, but that was because the site wouldn't load for some reason, so I couldn't click the link to sign out.  And before that, I made the account on a public computer, but I think I forgot to sign out then, too.  So, think that's why? 
To any admins reading this, could you remove the image from my gallery (I didn't add it, and the Remove Image link just gives me a message saying it couldn't delete the pic), and could you remove those 11 accounts from my following list?  Thanks.


(Edited to add a comment for admins.)