Welp, I just watched all 7 hours of the Big Live Live Show Live

And here's what I have to say.

  • Trixie is hot. PM me girl let's get together.
  • Man am I glad Jeff shaved his moustache.
  • The longer the evening - the more hilarious the Rorie.
  • Ana can dance pretty good.
  • Dave Snider is a hulk.
  • Vinny Caravella is the hulk.
  • Ryan was the consummate professional, a great hosting job as always. MAN GIVES A GOOD HOST-JOB.
  • Brad pulled at least 2 "Brads" in the background at various times. <3
  • Babs is also hot. But whatever that's like saying SKIES ARE BLU.
  • Matt Rorie: no seriously he is hilarious.
  • Will Smith: thanks for ruining The Book Of Eli for me you drunk JERK.
    Will Smith is also hilarious when drunk. Ohhh god so hilarious.
  • Gary Whitta, come back to PC gaming. We miss you, fanboy. Your dialogue with Will was amazing at the bloc party.
  • Did Drew get more handsome or what? Jesus dude.
  • No Kessler? :( Intern Steve was no match.
  • Jeff can rock the fuck out of a tracksuit. Man knows how to wear that shit.
  • Guy who came up and said "Bloc party review one word: thupa gangstha" - you rule.
  • Guy who told the Mexican joke and was Mexican - zzzzz.
  • Dave Snider's sister is funny.
  • John Drake rules.
  • Erik Pope too.
  • I enjoyed how awful Denizen was and would have gladly watched it all with you Screened boys, Drake, and Ryan.
  • Trixie, no seriously girl, let's get down.

The Quest System:

Or "How I Learnt To Love Giant Bomb Even More Without Trying".
Giant Bomb is amazing. It and Google are the two sites I'll check at least once every day. The quest system is yet another way these boys are keeping it O.G. 
Giant Bomb: the religion of choice.