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Favorite Minimally Prominent Fighters

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  • Go play it or search for YouTube footage to find out that this was the best fighting game of the fifth generation gaming era that never came out outside Japan even with the re-release in 2007.

    Sin & Punishment got it's U.S. debut for the Wii, why not Tobal 2 for the PlayStation Network?

  • If you give a fighting video game character a sword, a seemingly direct hit with it doesn't mean instant death. That just defies reality especially with games that doesn't try to go to the state of fantasy. Lightweight actually bothered in making a fighting game with blades and have a realistic element. One good hit is the ultimate satisfaction in this game. The process can be varied and enduring. It's all about precision. The precision can ultimately affect if the game ends in a couple of minutes with an opponent's arm disabled or a couple of seconds if you find a spot of the opponent's weakness of one of the various stances. No Way of The Samurai, Kengo, or whatever; remake Bushido Blade with just the same fundamental mechanics and you will make some moneys.

    This and Bushido Blade 2, I am surprised that it was ESRB rated T when the blood was bloody and almost gruesome feeling.

  • Same thing and if someone can't remake this, port this to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Online POV mode will be murderous.

  • KI2, KI Gold, whatever it's called this was Rare's fighting game and probably last which is a bummer. Porting is fine with me.

    Oh well, ULTRA COMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Back when WWE had the cooler sounding F before the wildlife foundation wanted to fuck them up and when wrestling didn't seem so fake and really awesome to watch, there was games like the Smackdown series on the PlayStation and the ones made by Aki for the Nintendo 64. Their first one was their best as it had so many wrestlers to play as especially Dwane "The Rock" Johnson. Damn he was the best one in the game. It felt more fluid than Smackdown and had more opportunities to actually make the move without being so stiff and limited.

  • 99% of people in the United States who bought this was for the Final Fantasy VII demo. I bought Tobal No. 1 to play Tobal No. 1 (well a little Final Fantasy VII too). It had the stuff that made Virtua Fighter and Tekken good with some interesting characteristics that made this game have a sense of originality. The grapple system from this never seemed to be integrated to anything else but developers should when possible because it's still ahead of its time.

    It had a fun RPG adventure mode that provided some initiative to continue playing when it's all about the fighting. It was a bit clunky when there no fighting applied but the 60fps fluidness counters that.

  • I am a bastard who still owns this but it's fun because it's just Virtua Fighter 2 with a different visual touch.

  • Marvel vs. Capcom but 3D and unique for having a specific universe instead of a mash-up although Street Fighter's Sakura is representing one of the schools.

    The Evolution disc is pretty fun to play when you get tired from the school vs. school tag action.

  • Sort of the alternative for the controversial Thrill Kill. It had everyone of Wu-Tang including the Rza and Ol' Dirty Bastard. It was so bad to play it but it has a special place in my heart just because Wu-Tang Clan in their in an outrageous B-movie like story about martial arts and magic.

    Interesting that there was a code to enable the violence which Thrill Kill should have had. Whatever, WU-TANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The original is still the best when everyone just played like a maniac and had fun as opposed to now with unnecessary technical techniques of dodging or whatever. This was just simple and had so much charm.