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One Hell of A Game 0

Dante’s Inferno is one hell of an interesting game. Based on the first part of a fourteenth century of a set of poems by Dante Alighieri called The Divine Comedy, the poem follows Dante’s journey through the afterlife from hell (Inferno) purgatory (Purgatorio) and finally heaven (Paradiso). During the Inferno he visits the 9 levels of hell guided by the Greek poet Virgil. Besides the visual descriptions in the poem the similarities between the poem and game end there, the Dante in the poem is a ...

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Historical Letdown 0

As a history buff I was somewhat looking forward to this game, the idea of a time travel game that had you using the weapons of that time period and participating in some of the greatest battles of that time. But like most ideas it comes out poorly, and this game has it in spades. This game suffers from problems involving the poor execution of the game-play, numerous plot holes, even glaring historical inaccuracy.This game starts off in 1876 at the Battle of Little Big Horn as a soldier in Gener...

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Clusterfuck 0

This clusterfuck of a game is set in the waning years of the Cold War as you play a Navy Seal name Richard "Demo Dick" Marcinko (is an actual person) who in all intensive ways is a poor man’s Rambo. As Rambo was somewhat course and little rough but still likable “Demo Dick” is simply a dick. I’m not a prudish person (hell, I swear several times in this review) but when a hardened Navy Seal sounds like a 13 year old playing Halo, it doesn’t help the game but rather comes off like a bunch of frat ...

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Red Dawn Lite 0

Homefront is one of those games that tries to reach the a certain height, but in the end it only seems to have reached about half way up what they were aiming for and promised, which makes this game feel like quite a bunch of failed potential. There’s not much to the game with a rather lackluster single player and a Call of Dutyesque multiplayer adds to an underwhelming experience. It’s sad to me as I’m a huge fan of 1984’s movie Red Dawn, so when I heard that it the story was being written by t...

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  First a little back ground The Battlefield series of games has had had an prestigious history, staring in 2002 with the hit Battlefied 1942 the game had two expansions and two spin offs one in 1960’s Vietnam War and the other in the future with Battlefield 2142 which had an expansion of its own.   The Battlefield series switch to a modern setting in 2005 with Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat on consoles) with 3 expansion packs.   In a change of pace EA decided to make a console only game called B...

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Just Cause 2 0

  Just Cause 2 is the sequel to 2006’s Just Cause by Avalanche studios. The first one was plagued by bugs and controls issues, though it had a certain charm to it, with its b-movie acting ability to blow lots of shit up, and attitude to it. The game took place on the fictional Caribbean island of ‘San Esperito” run by pretty generic South American dictator. The game put you in the shoes of a black ops agent Rico who works for an organization simply know as “The Agency”, Rico is put in the pursui...

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Metro 2033 0

  METRO 2033 Metro 2033 is a 2010 survival horror game based on the 2002 online (then in 2007 printed) novel of the same name by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsy. The game follows the setting of the novel by putting you in the boots of young “Artyom” in the post-apocalyptic subway tunnels of Moscow simply called the Metro.   How people ended up in the Metro is never explained though through conversation and observation we are to assume nuclear war. Because of the war the whole city is unlivable n...

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Over There 0

 I love this game, and I guess have the love comes from my love of history particularity military and WWI. I'm not a huge fan of   tower defense but the WWI setting pulled me in a I do not regret it.   full review

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Modern Warfare 2 0

  Possible the biggest release of 2009, the much awaited sequel to one of 2007's biggest seller, Modern Warfare 2 has already sold over 5 million copies in just the US and the UK. But is the game really worthy of all this fanfare? Let's first start with the story. STORY: The story starts off 5 years after the first Modern Warfare, with the Ultra Nationalist having gained power in Russia even with the effort of the United States Marines and the British SAS. The story is full of holes though qui...

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