My Dream Harem

I dream of ruling the world with a omnipotent and benevolently tyrannical iron fist. Every good tyrant of course, needs a harem. But in my dreams, my Haremites aren't JUST a bunch of sex-starved nymphettes awaiting my attention. They're my enforcers, my bodyguards, my generals, my strategists, my administrators, and even my entertainment. They're everything a good tyrant needs in order to rule the cosmos. So with no further dream harem. Now some jailbait may pop up from time to time...partly because videogame developers seem to see no problem with giving 13 year old girls Double D Cups which can make ascertaining age on some of these ladies difficult. And partly know. If jailbait does pop up, we'll just assume they're Haremites-in-Training :)

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