Chrono Trigger Video Game Review

Retro review for the beloved computer roleplaying videogame Chrono Trigger (1995) for the SNES / SFC by Square. This version is the Playstation re-release that was part of the Final Fantasy Chronicles (2001) bundle with FF4.

Chrono Trigger was created by Square's "Dream Team" division, which was led by Hironobu Sakaguchi (who created the Final Fantasy series). The game was written by scenario writers, Yuji Hori (creator of the Dragon Quest games) and Masato Kato (later directing both Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross; wrote much of Xenogears and XenoSaga I & II), and character designer Akira Toriyama (of Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball and also pretty well known for his Dragon Quest concept art). All of the game's music was composed primarily by Yasunori Mitsuda (later known for his breathtaking music in Xenogears, Crono Cross, and XenoSaga) under the watchful eye of Nobuo Uematsu (the best known Final Fantasy music composer).

As a result of this combination of legendary talent, Chrono Trigger is often regarded as one of the best games for the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom.


What Is A Computer RPG?

 In this video The RPG Fanatic explains what elements define a computer roleplaying game as being unique from other genres of videogames.


The RPG Fanatic: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Video Review!

The RPG Fanatic reviews another infamous game but does it deserve the reputation it has received in the fan community? 

Retro review for the controversial videogame Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (1992) for the SNES by Square. The game is infamous in the fan community and hated by many, but the RPG Fanatic has a different opinion.

This review discusses the gameplay of the game, and of course, there is occasional humor and funny jokes!




How To Be A Good Game Reviewer

In this video I talk about what makes someone a good game reviewer and what makes someone a bad game reviewer. In summary, making good game reviews comes down to learning game design, reading books about narrative structure and being able to articulate your thoughts in a way that is constructive for the target audience of the game. 


Awesome RPG Review: Torneko The Last Hope (PS1)

Also known as 'Dragon Quest Characters: Torneko's Great Adventure 2 - Mystery Dungeon' (Torneko no Daibōken 2 - Fushigi no Dungeon) is a PS1 game by Chunsoft and published by Enix. The game is a computer roleplaying game rogue-like with narrative elements, featuring the popular character Torneko (Taloon) from Dragon Quest 4. This retro review discusses the gameplay of the game, and of course, there is occasional humor and funny jokes! This episode can be considered the Christmas special of The RPG Fanatic show!



Crappy RPG Game: The Legend of Alon D'ar Review (PS2)

Legend of Alon Dar is a computer roleplaying game with a horrible combat system that combines the worst elements of an Action RPG with a Final Fantasy-style Active Time Battle (ATB) turn based combat system. The game was made in 2001 by the now defunct Stormfront Studios and published by Ubisoft. This retro review discusses the gameplay of the game, and of course, there is occasional humor and funny jokes!  


RPG Fanatic Retro Game Review for Willow (NES)



Another retro review! Willow for the Nintendo Entertainment System is an action rpg based on the cult classic 80's fantasy film of the same name. In my opinion the movie was great but the game is one of the better action rpgs on the system... but it sure has its weird points! The game is a combination of elements from the Ys and Legend of Zelda series but it has some original ideas, too.


ZHP: Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman Video Review


    Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman is the newest title from Nippon Ichi Software. The basic premise of this game is that a fortune teller predicted a Super Baby would be born who would one day save the world and make everyone happy. However once the baby was born the Demon General Darkdeath Evilman kidnaps her. The hero Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger rushes off to save her...but gets hit by a car and dies. You play a random person who happened to witness the accident and the Unlosing Ranger gave you his morphing belt, allowing you to become the new Unlosing Ranger. You set off to go defeat Darkdeath Evilman but totally get your butt kicked so hard the World Hero Society teleports you to a place called Bizarro Earth to train. The objective of the game is to become strong enough to save Super Baby. 

Sherwood Dungeon Video Review

Review of Sherwood Dungeon (2010), a free to play indie online rpg created by Maid Marian Entertainment.    

This is a new RPG Fanatic Review. This time we're checking out Sherwood Dungeon, a free to play online rpg that is a cross between a MUD and a MMORPG. Don't know what a MUD is? Don't worry, we'll talk about what MUDs are!  

The REAL History of JRPGs / console rpgs / light style RPGS, ETC

In this two part video  I talk about the actual history of Japanese computer rpgs, along with what they are and what they are not. I also criticize the recent "JRPG" label and tear the so-called "genre" apart by analyzing the common game mechanics found in these games. 


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