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Resistance (of the iBorg) is futile!

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If you don't like tinkering, don't get a gaming PC.

Configuring a gaming PC has gotten easier over the past 20 years but the PC still has a higher risk of broken games vs. a higher reward of performance, mods, etc.

I love installing mods on games on PC but it's nice to have a 360 where stuff usually works. I have experienced hard locks and low framerates on my 360 but usually I can't do much about it except restart the machine or wait for a patch. On the PC I might be able to fix it by editing a text file, replacing a DLL file etc.

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Great reporting, Austin. I guess Tale of Tales finally found a way to generate PR. Can they translate it to sales?

I'm guessing the comments complaining about taxes are not coming from Belgians. Do all Americans need to push Reaganomics propaganda through the internet tubes that their government invented and built?

We are still grateful for the Marshall plan in western Europe from over half a century ago but the consensus between citizens in Europe is that there are products that the government should supply:

  • utilites - fossil-free power plants are an expensive long time investment
  • education - schooling and objective journalism should be available especially during economic downturns
  • culture - native language and customs need support

Tale of Tales might not be a successful game studio but it could be statistical outlier.

There are good examples of government funding returning the investment like Limbo from Playdead and they are working on a sequel that is made possible with funding as well.

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I'm not into JRPG's but I thought it was refreshing to hear Austin's point of view during the Sony conference.

I'm afraid that you're setting up a false dichotomy in that you perceive the staff are cynical just because they aren't smiling all the time. Jeff might not be the most enthusiastic guy but that is probably one of the drawbacks of being an ethical journalist.
I think he's more positive now than the last couple of years that was (understandably) nonstop burnt out sarcasm.

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Finally Halo 1 (still the best vehicle based FPS) will work on Xbox One. ;)

I wish I could buy KOTOR digitally that would support widescreen (I'm not sure my Android tablet can run it).

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Do yourself a favor and at least watch the last hour of the stream to see the uncomfortable expressions on Boyes' face.

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I understand your point but I think the site has improved a lot since they brought in a developer a couple months ago.

All the bug fixes and improvements are great!

Though it might be nice to see the tags on videos just like podcasts and articles that could make it easier for you to find them.

The E3 2015 concept page has videos in the list but it might be hard to filter out the different kinds of content.

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@mikemcn: I find the story in Fallout 3 to be more like the depressing vibes in Mad Max compared to the humorous referential depravity of Fallout NV (stemming from Fallout 2). I understood Austin's opinion on post apocalypse storytelling to be that the rebuilding of society through factions is a more interesting scenario than the short-sighted dread of Fallout 3. Choosing which faction should progress based on their values and actions was a key part of the Fallout role-playing universe but I guess that is history now.

All that said, I think vanilla Fallout 3 is a decent game although I remember spending most of my time picking up tin cans in the metro. I'm replaying Fallout 3 with the wanderer's edition mod and it improves the gameplay IMO from a traditional focus of hoarding loot and managing encumbrance to survival mechanics where most of the loot and weapons serve a purpose. You can even disable most of the gameplay tweaks from ingame if you don't like them.

I highly recommend getting the unofficial patch and a UI mod for bartering. Anything else and you would probably require Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) and Fallout Script Extender (FOSE).

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Am I the only one detecting the irony of the OP?

As Kierkegaard laid it out, you could hopefully progress from your ironic apathy to caring about ethics (not just in journalism) in some form that has already been explored by religions over thousands of years. Otherwise you could just find an obsession like work, sports, drugs or alchohol and spend the rest of your life on that. Excuse my philosophical forum ramblings.

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I liked Todd Howard's sombre presentation of a whole chunk of gameplay at once but I need to see a live demo of the combat before I'm convinced.

Improvements in combat system (some of it from original Fallout):

  • Separate energy damage (resistance) from regular gun damage
  • Visible fire rate, accuracy and range for each gun (is it too much clutter to show DPS for each weapon?)
  • Bullet time VATS
  • Follower commands

Even though the crafting and settling features are appealing, I'm afraid it will just exponentially increase the number of bugs on release. Skyrim was fine though when I played it a year after launch on PC.

Unfortunately Bethesda's art style and storytelling turns me off. Maybe it's the engine that makes everything feel bland and unresponsive. I will probably get it on PC though where most of the content can be replaced.