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As a life-long connoisseur of all things gaming, The 'Tude Dude has consumed A LOT of reviews over the years some more comprehensible than others. To him, critiquing anything should be somewhat simple as viewers en masse don't typically have the patience to quantify exactly how good a particular numerical "score" is considering all of the fluid variables involved. I mean think about it... would you request your friend to grade a book you were interested in with a metric between 1-100 or would you just ask them if they liked it or not? Of course you could dive further and get specific about what exact components helped bring them to their decision but ultimately knowing their bottom line in this way creates a solid jumping off point to aiding you in formulating your very own opinion. Therefore, it's with simplicity in mind more than anything else how The 'Tude Dude structures his reviews as he acts like your best bud giving you both "superficial" scores and in-depth critical analysis as to exactly how he arrived at his finality.

Gameplay: Does the game feel satisfying in its execution or is there something about it that doesn't feel quite right? Does it flow well or does it jump around from place to place? Is the story even worth mentioning? Graded on a 1-5 scale.

Controls: Can you stop on that tiny little edge with precision or are the controls "walk on ice" slippery? Do you feel in perfect command of your character at all times or does the game act like it's handicapping you with an unfair disadvantage? Graded on a 1-5 scale.

Music/Sound: Does the game have music in it that you find yourself humming to days later or is it laughably bad? Do the sound effects add realism and nuance or noise pollution to your ears? Graded on a 1-5 scale.

Graphics: Is the game a sight to behold or does it leave a bad taste in your eyes? Is it exceptionally smooth when it's moving or is it choppy like the ocean during a storm? Is the game devoid of any visual-type bugs or should we call the exterminator immediately? Graded on a 1-5 scale.

'Tude Meter: "Analysis complete for Bad Dudes on the NES ... MAXIMUM 'tude rating achieved!" *ahem* This aspect I feel I need to explain in even greater detail. What is 'tude anyways? I like to think of 'tude as the part of a game that might make it especially cool and eccentric regardless of its other merits providing a unique superficial focus on perspective and concept similar to judging a book or album by its cover. If you've ever had to make a gut decision about which game you should buy or rent and your choice was influenced simply by which one you thought was "cooler" then you've inadvertently applied the same kind of shallow-yet-relevant logic that the 'Tude Meter uses to scan these games and determine its overall ability to stand out from the crowd (though the 'Tude Meter aggregates at a much more complex level of course)!

My earliest memories of experiencing 'tude in video games happened during the late 80's to mid 90's where companies (mainly Sega and Nintendo) would flat out attack each other through various aggressive advertisements sparking a new and more competitive era of edgy and rebellious gaming . During these lawless times, video game developers weren't afraid AT ALL to show off more attitude than ever in order to make their properties shine brighter than their contemporaries, casting shade directly at them through "in your face" advertisements which pushed the entire gaming culture up its next evolutionary rung on the ladder . Now, it wasn't enough just to up-sell how good your product was but exactly why it was better than the opponents which further pushed creators to stay vigilante with innovative new releases. The 'tude era was here in full force!

Besides advertisements though, the REAL place to find 'tude was in the games themselves as it became evident which ones had a little more in this department right off the bat sparking an interest at a young age to scan for this previously "immeasurable" aspect. Whether it's a kick-ass concept that pushes innovation to exciting new levels like F-Zero on the SNES, a more adult-oriented game that stands WAY apart from its "kiddie" brethren like Golgo 13 on the NES or perhaps my all-time favorite example of "coolness" in gaming, the Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat blood code, 'tude can be found EVERYWHERE across the virtual realm and now thanks to the 'Tude Meter there's finally a way to logistically capture it! Is this a more bloody, gory, adult-themed title or does this game lack edge? Are there musical notes and effects that tinge your brain with a specific funk or does the game just sound... gasp... normal? Would this particular release appeal to someone superficially without prior knowledge of it or would it be easy to pass by for the next title? While I understand that this aspect is not exactly the easiest to explain (especially compared to the more typical "black-and-white" in-game elements), the challenge is graciously accepted by yours truly because after all... this IS The 'Tude Dude and 'tude is what I do! Graded on a 1-3 scale.

Final Verdict: Conclusively, I will end my review with a "Final verdict" going back to the 1-5 scale essentially crunching all previous aspects of the game into one final judgement. EXCEPTIONAL games that deserve legendary status will receive the very prestigious 5/5 rating endorsing that title as a "Great game" and a true classic that shouldn't be missed. Especially TERRIBLE games that deserve a warning label before playing will receive the shameful 1/5 rating marking it as a "Terrible game" and one that should be avoided at all costs. Was the game fun and memorable or is this one you wish you could get your time back on? Is it worth playing in this world full of entertainment or would you have a better time at the dentist? Graded on a 1-5 scale.

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