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Mass effect is stealing my soul!

So, I'd say I'm a pretty hardcore RPGer, if there is such a thing. I'm one of those 'has to finish every single sidequest' peeps. I routinely rack up in excess of 200 hours on Final Fantasy games, and still can't bring myself to complete the final boss becase there's one damn bit of magic/enchanted item/ character limit break that i don't yet have! So, as you can imagine, playing through the main mission in Mass Effect, where every single time I travel to another system someone seems to buzz me with yet another sub-quest to do, is taking quite some time. Not that I don't enjoy it, mind you. It's just, between class (in Dublin = 3 hour commute each eay twice a week), my social life , work, and a little thing I like to do called SLEEP, fitting my quest-love in to my day ( one move that hyphen over) is throwing the rest off.  One of them has to move over in order to fit it in, and sadly (as much as I wish work could take the bullet), the casualty seems to be sleep. I miss sleep. Sleep was nice.

What's worse, when I do manage to squeeze a few hours slumber into my day, all I see is that damn Prothean vision. Gone are my once happy dreams of giraffes on motorbikes, my time spent as the fifth (and most awesome) ninja turtle, the day I freed the Green Hill people from their cyborg overlord, and that particularly epic occasion when Bruce Campbell and I fought side by side to fend off a zombie/alien invasion!

Sigh. I also think I'm seeing Geth in my waking state as well. In fact, I think there is one behind the photocopier.....

Fall Out3 is going to kill me, isn't it?