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Prophetic, or just plain wrong? lol

So I'm accustomed to having rather detailed and vivid dreams that occasionally take me a few moments after waking to knowledge as fantasy (most of which, I'm not ashamed to admit, are made of awesome and win! I battled zombies with Bruce Campbell, man!). When I'm sick, they apparently get weirder. Last night I found myself deep in Pokemon land, wandering across an epic landscape, battling other trainers (crushing them to dust!) with my fearsome Charizard, Golduck, and Buneary (it was a fever dream, so please forgive me that last one...).

The thing is, the world wasn't 'realistic' - as in, we weren't magically transported to Kanto or anything - but was in fact a cyber-world where trainers from all over the globe could meet and quest and battle without leaving the comfort of their own rooms. Yes, that's right. I dreamed about the Pokemon MMO!

Seriously, WTF? I haven't even played hat game in months. lol. But it did get me thinking: a Pokemon MMO might work pretty well. The structure of the game as is is pretty much a 'pass a random trainer, battle them, move on' one, so why not make those random trainers real random trainers? There might actually be some value then in building your squad stats a certain way, and having different teams for different regions. And there could be a tournament system, and co-op battling.....   I think with a little re-jigging of the main objective 9not everyone can be number one, but everyone could beat the elite 4, etc) it could be pretty fun. Not that I'd pay for it, mind you. Well, not a tenner a month anyway, but still, it's a thought.

Remember peeps, if it happens, you heard it here first! And I will then move on to predicting lotto