E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games (Updated with thoughts from 2013)

I initially made this list in order to complete the E3 2011 Quest back when the Quest system was a feature of Giant Bomb. Now, looking back at it, I decided to update my thoughts on how my most anticipated games turned out after a few years.

List items

  • This is my Number 1 game from E3 that I'm most interested in. Played this game all the time on the Dreamcast and Xbox and from what I heard, is even better. A definite buy for me.

    2013: This turned out amazing. Everything worked exactly as it did back in 2000 and it hit a big nostalgia feeling with me. The online is fantastic as well with GGPO really making a big difference compared to what SF4 used. I was hoping it would turn out well when I made it Number 1 on my list and I was not disappointed.

  • As a HUGE Batman fan and having searched every nook and cranny in Arkham Asylum, this game screams "Must BUY!" from my inner child. Who Doesn't want to play as a dark, brooding, badass?

    2013: Sadly, I never bought this game. When it first was released, hearing about how many Riddler trophies there were and a lot of the side stuff kinda made me put off buying it. With the release of Batman: Arkham Origins however, I'm once again flirting with the idea of picking it up and finally playing it.

  • The continuing adventure of Marcus Fenix and company continues and from the looks of it so far, is as bleak as ever. This is another situation where the story has locked me in. Can't wait to see the end of this trilogy.

    2013: One of the rare trilogies that actually put an end to the main story arc. Gears 3 was a great experience with a solid story. Not only that, but the multiplayer was also great to play. It moved faster, had more weapon choice, and still retained what made the multiplayer work in the first game.

  • Is it wrong that I LOVE the Halo story of Master Chief and Cortana? Because I do. After watching the trailer, I am immensely intrigued on what they will encounter next in deep space.

    2013: This game was proof that even in a late console cycle, games are still capable to look gorgeous. The first thing I noticed while playing the game was just how the graphics really looked great. The story was kinda hit and miss with a lot of the chunks hidden away on terminals. In order to view the entries, you have to view it using whatever Halo online service they use. (Too lazy to look it up.) The story between Master Chief and Cortana is what kept me going. Also, I was severely letdown with the reappearance of the Covenant. The multiplayer was good for what it was, but failed to hook me in for the long run.

  • Having played a ton of Super Street Fighter IV and having not played a Tekken game since Tekken 2, I would just call my interest in this game as a mild curiosity. But King vs. Zangief sounds amazing to me.

    2013: This didn't click with me at all. Call me a traditionalist, but I can never get a hang of "Tag" style fighting games. This game is no exception. While it looks great, it just wasn't for me.

  • Much like with Mass Effect, seeing AC: Revelations made me realize that I still need to play Brotherhood. Old Ezio looks really cool and returning to play Altair has me sold on it.

    2013: Never got around to Brotherhood, so Revelations never got bought. After hearing from people that this was the weakest entry in the franchise and seeing it in action after release, my interest plummeted in Assassins' Creed. Seeing the disappointment that was A.C.III made me glad I didn't invest more money on this series.

  • Hearing about Mass Effect 3 just made me realize that I still haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet as it sits still in the cellophane. Looks great so far.

    2013: I played Mass Effect 2 shortly after posting the original list and loved it to death. Then I bought M.E.3 the first day of release, heard everyone get into an uproar about the story and endings, and decided to let it sit in the cellophane for most of the year. I essentially had the 'Brad Shoemaker' experience of playing the game with all the DLC to add more to the story and "fixing" the ending. I want to make it clear, I really enjoyed my time with this game. The story was great, the gameplay was mostly the same as 2, and seeing everyone was an awesome experience. It also holds a distinction that it's one of the very few games that had me shed a tear or two at points of the story. The multiplayer was also surprisingly fun as well. Basically, a Mass Effect style Horde mode.

  • I only played a little of Metro 2033 and had to quit due to running across a glitch that made enemies invincible. What I remember of it though was the atmosphere. I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic games and will want to see what Last Light has to offer.

    2013: I went back and played Metro 2033 after I downloaded a patch to fix said issue and ended up loving the game so much, that it might be my favorite game of this generation. My interest in this game got more intense as the years wore on and I'm happy to say that the great people at 4A Games did not disappoint at all. The atmosphere was just as oppressing and the story was really well done. I played it so much that I actually unlocked all the achievements before the DLC came out. One of my personal highlights of this generation.

  • Yet another post-apocalyptic game. Rage looks amazing. Will definitely give this one a spin.

    2013: While this did look amazing, it just didn't pull me in. The story seemed really slim and buying a game solely on graphical prowess and smooth frame rates seems like a waste of money for me.

  • I guess I can label this one under "Curious to see how it turned out" rather than "Excited". While I love the character of Duke Nukem, I just can't help but think that this one will be his last game. I'll definitely buy it when it eventually goes on sale. I don't know about paying $60.

    2013: Seeing this game turn out so terrible didn't really surprise me. The character of Duke really doesn't translate well out of the late 90's. Needless to say, never bought it and never will.

  • Now I don't own a PS3, but I have loved almost every Twisted Metal game I have ever got my hands on. The best being Twisted Metal: Black. If it is as dark as Black, then it will do well in my opinion.

    2013: Still don't own a PS3 but, this game turned out good I guess. it kinda went back to the Twisted Metal 2 way of playing. I guess it worked for what it was.

  • This one kinda slipped under the radar. I loved Silent Hill 2 and still play it occasionally when I feel like playing something with a great story that never gets old. The only thing that bums me out is that the first one isn't in it and it might not be for the 360.

    2013: It came out on 360, but the mess of technical issues surrounding this game made me steer clear of this one. If I want to play S.H.2, much like Halo 1, I can just play it on my old Xbox.

  • Haven't played a Metal Gear game since Metal Gear Solid for the PS1. This has me mildly curious on seeing just how crazy that universe has gotten.

    2013: I ended up buying the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection and getting caught up with the story that way. Alas, I never picked this up for no particular reason other than it just didn't appeal to me.

  • I use to be addicted to pro wrestling, but I have since fallen off the wagon. The "Smackdown! vs. Raw" series really did begin to show it's age. Glad to hear that THQ and Yuke's have decided to rebuild it. I probably won't buy it, but I know friends who will.

    2013: Those friends did end up buying and enjoying it. I continued to not care all that much about it.