Nathan vs Video Games: Week in Review for 4/29/2012 - Doublin' Up

First off, my apologies for missing last week's Week in Review. I totally spaced it! So that's my mistake. It wasn't that busy of a week, but I've been doing this pretty regularly so it was weird to miss. So now you get DOUBLE the week reviews!

The past week had some craziness. At first I was just going to do casual games, and then I decided to do a bunch of fish games because...why not. Then we went back to casual games but I somehow never got to Zuma's Revenge or Bejeweled, which is...a weird oversight. Maybe next week.

In good news, next week due to my work schedule I will actually be doing more reviews (which, coincidentally, only happens when I'm scheduled more. Don't ask why; it's complicated and involves a spouse's work schedule). But anyway, I'm hoping to be much more consistant and charge through a TON of reviews to make up for April being lazy-town. So see that.

Currently I'm playing Age of Empires Online (still), as well as the Silent Hill HD Collection (gotta get the Dog ending...) and finally Mass Effect 3. Once I beat it I'll review all three games in a row, and while I'm loving ME3 I'm worried about the ending because...yeah. You know why. Lastly, I'm finally playing through Sword and Sworcery EP on my iPhone, after owning it for a really, really long time. I'm digging it a lot! It seems to be quite short, but hopefully I'll beat it tonight or tomorrow and get a review up of that as well. I'd love to do an iPhone themed week; maybe it'll happen?

Anyway, 15 reviews of the last two weeks (which averages about one a day, so not bad despite it all) bringing the total to 163. BALLIN. Wet was review 150 (whoops?) but's under-appreciated. Also we'll be hitting numero 200 soon, so who knows what that review will be of? Something good? Something horrible? A request?

As a reminder: I'm always open to requests. I'll have to have played the game, of course, but I love reviewing what people ask. I might even do a "requests week" sometime if I can get enough feedback!

Lastly, this week doesn't have a theme, but I'm considering digging up my past and reviewing some really old PC games I loved as a child (like Odell Down Under was). This might make for some irrelevant reviews, but I'll enjoy myself so tough toasties. Also, my quest is to review every game I played ever, so...they'll have to get reviewed eventually.

Without further ado...the games of the last two weeks!

You Don't Know Jack - 4 / 5 Stars

Wet - 3 / 5 Stars

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers - 2 / 5 Stars

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - 3 / 5 Stars

Kirby's Adventure - 5 / 5 Stars

Silent Hill HD Collection - 3 / 5 Stars

Luxor 2 - 2 / 5 Stars

Feeding Frenzy - 2 / 5 Stars

Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown - 3 / 5 Stars

Odell Down Under - ? (4) / 5 Stars

Shark! Shark! - 3 / 5 Stars

Insaniquarium! Deluxe - 3 / 5 Stars

Peggle - 4 / 5 Stars

Peggle Nights - 4 / 5 Stars

Zuma - 3 / 5 Stars

See you on the flip side! Feel free to post requests in comments, at me on Facebook or on Twitter (@TheUselessGod)!