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I'm back on Giant Bomb! They fixed the review form so now I can easily cross-post between GB and my Blogger. So expect more review...

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My Favorite Games Ever

Some people were curious what my most favoritest games of all time were. Honestly? I have a LOT that I love, so it's hard to put them in any remarkable order. So I've just sort of slapped them down in what sounds the best to me personally at this exact moment, so once we get lower down stuff might get...weird.

Also; I've written reviews for most of these games, so if you want a more in-depth opinion regarding how much I love 'em, then knock yourself out!

List items

  • Sublime in every aspect, Final Fantasy VI transcends genre trappings as one of the most complete games I've ever played.

  • If you think it's weird that this game is so high on the list (being a clunky horror game with pretty bad controls), than you really need to play through it again. It got dangerously close to being #1, what with its psychological implications and the fact that so much of this game is DEEP. There is no other game like Silent Hill 2, and honestly there probably won't EVER be.

  • Nier is cram packed with flaws. The story can be overly melodramatic, the game has a horribly weak start, the graphics are sort of hideous; the list goes on. But beneath is something really special, an emotionally resonating experience that few games accomplish. It's worth a playthrough (or two, to get the best ending).

  • It's weird that I'm putting this on here, but consider it also including Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. My entire college experience, where most other people were getting laid or drinking, was filled mostly with me and my roommates playing hours and hours and HOURS of DOTA. Even to this day the same crew from back in 2004 gets together over Steam and smokes some Noobs on DOTA 2. I can honestly say this game has kept friendships alive that would have otherwise drifted away, and the fact it's an extremely fun and solid game (though the difficulty curve is killer) just makes it all even better.

  • Who would have thought a platformer would also have such a strong narrative component? The juxtaposition of the Prince and Farah is hilariously clever, and combined with the excellent platforming and beautiful locations, PoP: SoT does just about everything right.

  • It's more of a phenomenon in my house rather than the fact that it's a refinement of previous installments. Rock Band 3 continues to be the most played game on our Xbox, mostly because my wife and I just LOVE singing harmonies together. Yeah, precious, I know, but the fact that there are songs on there for EVERYBODY certainly helps.