Sucky Game Titles and my alternatives

Hey, just looking through XBL's demos page...or is it still called a "blade"  idk.  Anyway, point being, there's some sucktastic game titles out now and I wanted to offer my alternative ones...oh and these aren't all just xbox games, there's some more in there too.
Dark Void: this is just terrible.  Tells you nothing about the game at all.  I suggest "Rocketeer 2: When Aliens Attack"  This lets the gamer know what they'll be doing and who they'll be doing it against.
Lego Indiana Jones 2:  This tells me that it's the sequel to the...trilogy...they already released once....  Instead, I happily recommend "Lego Indiana Jones: The One You SHOULD Buy"  That's self explanatory.
Moving on.  Left 4 Dead 2:  This shouldn't be that hard to fix, they just put too many numbers up in there.  It should have been simply "Left 2 Die."  That way they could start the trend of naming each sequel with the number that it is in the series.  They could continue with "Left with 3's a crowd"  "Left 4 Death Again" "Left with a 5th wheel who's just zombie bait but we don't tell them."  Or scratch all of that.  Left 4 Dead 2 should have just been called "Left 4 Dead: The complete game"  because this one is an actual completed game.
Jurassic The Hunted.  That's not even a title or a sentence.  It's just words.  I mean, i guess it's better than "Time Warp to Dino Land" but then again, maybe not. 
What else do we have....ah!  The often mentioned, often complained about, often PURCHASED (Just look at those sales numbers woooh!) New Super Mario Brothers Wii : This title is just wrong.  First off, tacking "New" on the front is just...well....tacky!  We know it's new!  It's a Mario game that I don't own or have not played, therefore it is new.  And "Wii" as if I don't know what system I'm playing my "new" Nintendo developed and published Mario Brothers Game on.  This is clearly "Super Mario Bros. 4."  No jokes, just stating a fact here, people.  Whoever decided to name it after the DS remake of the original Super Mario (as if 2 and 3 didn't exist?) should be fired.  Or at least demoted to DSi ware development duties.
ok...ok...I'm done with that one.
Dragon Age: Origins.  Right now...this title looks weird with no other Dragon Age games out....but in like, 5 years when EA has forced Bioware to release 5 other Dragon Age titles?  We will all be able to look back and say "Wow, you remember playing 'Origins' when all that wicked stuff went down, man?  That was sick!"  And Bioware will really look cool then.
Last for now, but certainly not least... Darksiders!  Yeah, I know, this was covered in a podcast a week or so ago.  I just wanted to throw in my two cents here as well.  That name is terrible.  That's my two cents.  It should have been called " Armageddon of Gears of Zelda Wars Zone of War Gods: The End Wars Begin" and have a ridiculous holographic shiny cover to make it look silly...oh wait, well at least they got that last part right...
Signing off, but it's good to be back again,