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TheWesman: Favorites

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  • My personal favorite GTA game. I love the art style, 80's music, and Tommy Vercetti is the only lead character I've come across not afraid to share his opinion on things. haha He would beat Niko down in a Liberty City minute.

  • A good game. More polished than the others. It deserved all of those high scores and awards, even though I can't help but think GTA is starting to take itself too seriously in this newest outing......

  • Dragon of Dojima versus Japan. Classic.

  • Classic.

  • Wild, wild game. Brilliant move to an entire county, but they needed to fill in that county a little more.

  • Vice city, no Tommy. Kinda boring that way, ain't it? Still got that 80's style to it though.

  • Gotta say, not my favorite. It did bring out the whole sandbox idea of gaming, but other than that, pretty plain stuff here. I liked playing the man with no name (and apparently no voice either) until I discovered his name was Claude. Then he wasn't even that cool anymore.

  • All good games. Nothing to distinguish one from the other though. I will say SC 1's graphics are what turned me over to the dark side (that means xbox) of gaming when I was perfectly happy with my PS2. I still haven't forgiven Sam for that.

  • Classic Sequelness. It's Metal Gear, so It's great. But the story is insane on a good day.

  • This game changed what action games could be for the new generation. This is the ultimate game of jungle soldier you could ever want. It's got changeable camo, tons of weapons, and that classic one-guy-versus-Russia flavor to it.

  • Yeah. Still playing this. I've never seen such a game. It's madness. I've restarted this game with different characters at least 7 times, and each time, it's a different experience. Also a first with this one, I bought it on 360 when it dropped, but I also recently picked up this GotY edition on PS3! I've never bought a game twice (barring the time I accidentally traded one in and had to re-buy it) or restarted 7 times!!!

  • This was the blockbuster event of the summer in 2008. Best action game I have ever played. At a time when graphics are starting to all blend together as far as detail, this game took gameplay to the next level. Tight controls, excellent story, cinema feel, this one has it all. Left with the question, How will they top this?

  • My personal favorite RPG. It forced me into the whole Genre with it's slick design and excellent Star Wars story, and I haven't left RPG's since. The coolest "Star Wars" thing about this game is that it has the feel of the good star wars movies. You know the ones I mean. It feels like the universe is a little used, and the people talk like things kinda suck for them right now. Which matches up with the good movies.

  • I'm going to save time here and just say I like all of these games. This franchise maintains a level of quality that other companies can't compare with. They all have deep, involving stories, well planned characters and worlds, and most important, excellent gameplay.

  • Not quite as good as the first. Of course, I'm playing this through emulation on my 360 since my last (read: 3rd) original xbox died years ago. There's some sound problems w/ the emulation. That is kinda messing with my experience. But I think the main problem is that the visuals have barely changed from the first. Even the new vistas look close to the old ones of KotoR I. Ah well, still a fun RPG.

  • Not bad.

  • Impossible _______ game.

    Fill in the blank with a nasty adjective of your choice.

  • Not as glorious as they would have you believe. You spend your days walking around an empty science lab and you dream about your great great great great great great grandaddy the assassin named Altair.

    Who does NOT notice the guy with 6 swords strapped across his chest?!? Seriously. Are they out of story ideas?

    Easy, Wesman, save it for your review...

  • Best platformer I've ever played. I love this game. I've beat it. I still play it. Got it for N64, DS, and Wii. Never gets old.