Most Anticipated Games of 2019 (and beyond)

It's that time of year again. My goty blog ain't ready yet but I'll put this up now.

Edit: GOTY blog now up :p

List items

  • I'm not even that big of an RE aficionado but basically everything I've seen about this looks like a bullseye.

  • Only reason this isn't #1 is because the localization has not been announced so it might be awhile yet...

    Update: Now anounced for fall! Don't let me down...

  • Again, everything shown has looked great so far, and it's been a long time coming since DMC 4.

  • *Iceborne expansion

    The only significant problem with MHW is the end game being kind of weak. This should add needed variety.

  • Can't argue with From's track record of late. Hope it differentiates itself enough from Souls.

  • VIII was really good. I'm interested in how they change things up.

  • Indie rpg inspired by Valkyrie Profile's great combat? Yes please.

  • Another great looking licensed game from Arc System Works. Hope it's not too simplified like DBFZ was in some respect.

  • PQ was good, albeit too long. Heard good things about this though, specifically the story elements being better than the first one.

  • This high mostly for strong word of mouth.

  • Loved MK9, was not as enamored with X, hoping this is closer to the former in terms of tone.

  • Sight unseen, and while all the 3DS games have some hangups, this still might be the thing that gets me to go in on the Switch the way Pokemon X & Y made me get a 3DS. These games just have some seriously deep hooks.

  • Yeah I don't know what the hell this actually is more than anyone else, but it will probably be at least entertaining.

  • Don't have a lot of experience with the original but I could go for a non-Mario Kart kart racer.

  • It's not as a big of a departure as I was hoping from Yakuza, but still looks alright regardless.

  • Man I would love for this to outdo Nintendo.

  • Looks pretty as hell.

  • Didn't spend much time with 5 despite it being solid. Maybe this will hook me more.

  • Like most people I don't know much about Granblue besides being a big thing in Japan and some of the character designs are alright, but Platinum making what seems to be a sizable action-rpg looks promising. It's pretty cool seeing Cygames pushing with multiple console projects, and they all look cool. Hope it succeeds.

  • I don't have much firsthand experience with the original Fallout games, but this looks well positioned to be a big break for Obsidian.

  • I'm kind of burnt out on the series to be honest, but I'll probably get this for completion sake.

  • This looks rad of course, but still far enough away to not be pushing the hype needle for now.

  • Platinum Games making an original action-rpg? I'm listening...

  • Atlus are consistently one of the most interesting Japanese rpg studios still. It remains to be seen what this the angle this SMT entry takes.

  • I don't know if it will be any good, but it's still great that this is even a real thing.

  • Any day Vanillaware...

  • I have an irrational affection for the original, how cool would it be if this is actually good.

  • I remember liking the look of this despite never actually playing it during it's prime. Looks overly faithful to the original from what I can tell from the trailer, but I still have some interest regardless.

  • I don't know, I usually don't connect with the giant Ubisoft productions, but I like the idea of a pirate/navel combat game.