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@soap said:

Halo has a story?

At the time of the original's release, I was sure that it was the best story I had ever seen in a first person game on a console. It was cinematic and absorbing in a way that no previous game had been. Maybe that was just the honeymoon and it doesn't hold up. I'm looking forward to finding out with the Master Chief Collection next week.

Regardless, Halo 4's story was a convoluted mess with way too many sci-fi tropes to be entertaining.

I thought you were describing Half-Life there for a sec until you said console, makes me wonder how many kids would have attached to Half-Life instead of Halo if they just had access to a PC. Halo is solid but it always seemed like a descendant of generic and over militarized games like Doom. I cant blame the guy for having a simpler take on halo 4 with the whole all story thing, not a lot of interesting stuff there in my opinion (but hey some people didn't have a PC in 1995 so I understand if you don't see where i'm coming from).

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Yeah I want a god damn cursor for my Peggle!

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Man this is very sad and my thoughts go out to the family and friends of Mr. Reisse. On a related thought has a high-speed pursuit ever actually saved lives? I have heard doubts about continuing the practice of high-speed pursuits since for the most part the evidence shows that its more a instant gratification for police than an effective tool against crime. I'm sure most people reading this have seen the results of a high speed chase on film and know it often ends in the death of an officer, person(s) escaping, or innocent bystanders. I wish the police would not instantly assume chasing an already dangerous person through a populated neighborhood, city, or highway at 90mph is the only option, but hey power can go to your head I guess.

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@mlarrabee: So lets make it easy for them! gotcha

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I know there are a lot of people with no interest in guns or owning a gun who don't see why there should be more laws for buying guns, I live in the south(on the boarder of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee) and I can tell you that guns for the most part in my area are considered toys for weekend amusement much like hot rods or jet skis. I can see why people who like games would be into the idea of a gun, the spectacle and all. Of course It seems to me that they are complete wastes of money that never end up protecting there owners, instead helping them kill themselves faster. I have to say those meth dealers are great at highlighting uses for those giant dirty harry magnums, In the real world those are used to take off peoples heads when they knock on your trailer at the wrong time of day/night.

People who support unlimited gun ownership strike back fast and hard in these arguments, they can sense when people become uncomfortable because they realize how much power one person with a gun has. It makes them want to protect the power they already have. I have thought about getting a gun before, and that honestly scares me. I don't know, cant all these gun enthusiasts just move onto Tazers? I mean "who knows where the shots gonna go" muskets are a bit out of vogue at this point right? The power to instantly kill a person at range. Absolute power corrupts absolutely