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GOTY 2010 - Revisited

Best of 2010 Revisit on: 20 Nov 2014.

The gist of the retrospective is that most of the iOS games (Cut the Rope, Tilt to Live) did not hold up, while I still view Pac Man CE DX very fondly AND needed to make room AC: Brotherhood which I did not get to until early 2011.


Dead Rising 2 - I missed the original in the early days of the 360, and did not look into this franchise until this sequel went free last summer as part of Games with Gold. I greatly enjoyed the game's quirkiness (read: japanese-ness?), and it heavily contributed to me buying an XBox One for DR 3.

Fable 3 - This was another franchise I missed on the original Xbox, and despite the hype, did not manage to play the sequel. When this one also went free via Games with Gold in 2013, I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. About halfway through it, I remember thinking to myself "This game is excellent!" Unfortunately, some of the common complaints at the time of it's release were that the second half of the game was not as good. They proved to be right. While I generally did not have a problem with the kingdom management aspect of it, the game's pace and story certainly came to a halt. Additionally, the end sequence ends to abruptly. As I defeated the final boss I was certain that he was only a sub/mini boss and that the final fight was still to come, but nope - game over. Still, the combat, environments, atmosphere of Albion, all great. Maybe if that Fable package comes to XBox One, I'll check out the previous ones.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker - I filled in this gap in my MGS experience via the MGS HD Collection, and enjoyed it. The end game (to get the true ending) was quite tedious, and the bosses seemed to have been rebalanced for multiplayer (final bosses were still tough) but I thoroughly enjoyed the game in general - stealth gameplay, the silly Fulton recover system, comic book cutscenes, cold war tension story, and most important, I think the story did a good job of bridging the game between MGS3 and 5.

Cut the Rope - iOS gaming was coming into it's own by 2010 and games like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds really set the template for many games to come - short puzzle levels with multiple objectives and simple controls. In my opinion, this one had high production value and more meaningful puzzles (i.e., less elements of chance), and it consumed me for quite a while until I got three stars on everything. It is moved here from the original list as I tend to overhype mobile games. It doesn't make the cut (no pun intended), and right or wrong, I think it is tainted by the glut of three star games out there now, including several of it's own sequels which failed to capture the original's simplicity.

Tilt to Live - One of the best recreations of the frantic gameplay found in twin stick shooters, without relying on clumsy touch controls.

List items

  • In retrospect, this may be my favorite game from the previous gen...very close with Bioshock. Up 1 spot.

  • Somewhat tainted by the ending of ME3 - Down 1 spot.

    * To clarify, the ending of ME3 SHOULDN'T have any impact on another game but the beauty of a dark middle chapter is the expectation of a great payoff which unfortunately was never realized. This is more about my reevaluating RDR as a better game to be sure, but as a person and by the very nature of a retrospective, I can't help but be influenced by future knowledge. I still consider this the second best game of the year (and arguably top 3 in the generation), so I am not down on it much at all!

  • No movement. In a time where I am reflecting heavily on Halo (disaster of a release for the MCC), this still ranks as #2 behind Halo 3, in my book.

  • Debuting from the pile of shame. This is the best entry in one of my favorite franchises. Ubi might be running out of steam on AC, but I will remember this one fondly.

  • The staying power of this game is tremendous. 3 updates later and it is still relevant as a competitive game and incredibly deep. No movement.

  • Up 1 spot, mostly because I don't think Limbo held up as well. It took me a while to get into BF3 (though I ended up liking it a lot). Coupled with the launch disaster of BF4, this one still held up as my favorite and the hallmark for BF on consoles.

  • Up 1 spot.

  • Up from #10. I mean to replay this often, but don't get around to. Real shame that the sequel is only on Wii U.

  • Previously an Honorable Mention. I still think about this game very fondly.

  • Down 6 spots. I think the glut of indie-platformer-with-stark-art-style following games like this and Braid have really hurt this title. Moreover it is not a game that I long to revisit. That is not a bad thing in it of itself, but in general I think I had ranked this quite higher than it should have been.