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Best of 2013

thisisalan: Best of 2013

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  • Awakening is wonderfully challenging. This is a game about carefully considering your choices and replaying levels dozens of times until you get it right. It rewards patience and strategic thinking above all else, and the result is an immensely satisfying experience.

  • This game is dripping with style. With music composed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, animated cutscenes by Studio Ghibli, and development by Level-5, it feels like a tour de force of Japanese gamecraft.

  • There's a dense, vibrant world to explore here. Combine that with engaging storytelling, interesting characters, and thrilling heist sequences, and you have one hell of a package.

  • The ingenious level design and bright visuals made me smile more than I did for any other game this year.

  • This wasn't the SimCity we wanted, but it was the SimCity we got. Even if it had some issues, it still managed to get me hooked on city building again.

  • It's hard to believe there aren't more pirate-themed games out there. Black Flag is a delightful romp through the buccaneer-infested Caribbean.

  • Who would've thought that I could still get excited about a new Pokémon game? Aside from the tried-and-true core gameplay, X/Y surprised me with its seamless online functionality.

  • BioShock Infinite constructs a beautiful, rich, deeply engaging world, where every details has clearly been agonized over.

  • Running a zoo with your friends (or just racing maintenance carts around) in Zoo Tycoon's online co-op is a unique and delightful experience.

  • Yes, this is basically just Wii Sports in HD with online multiplayer. On the other hand, this is Wii Sports IN HD WITH ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.