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Best of 2012

thisisalan: Best of 2012

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  • A game about feudal inheritance laws! What could be more exciting? This was an incredible, mechanically dense, thoroughly satisfying game that I spent many hours with.

  • Exploration, survival, and real investment in staying alive make this one hell of an experience.

  • A novel, well-executed experience in what it's like to run a spaceship. Such a unique, interesting game.

  • There is so much going on in the world of Far Cry 3 that it more than makes up for the lackluster, all-too-serious main storyline.

  • This was a late entry, and a game I almost didn't play this year, but it really left an impression on me. A truly engaging world, story, and cast of characters that still manage to be ridiculous in just the right ways.

  • This game was so much fun that it got me to check out proper Rock Band for the first time.

  • I'm so glad that developers can make this sort of game today and find success on a large scale.

  • Any game that gives me the chance to get the Padres to the top of their division by week 5 is solid in my book.

  • A clever, whimsical game with a delightful hidden layer of secrets.

  • A rather good video game rendition of Jeopardy! that I enjoyed far more than I expected to.