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thomasnash: Best of 2010

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  • I'm half way through what must be my 5th playthrough of this. It rules. I do kind of think it's sad that the RPG elements have been stripped down so much, but the cinematic feel of the game makes up for it.

  • Yeah it's not going to win any prizes for great storytelling, yes it takes a progressive view of physics, yes trying to get aqchievements for completion by picking up boxes sucks balls, but I love this game. I was impressed by how well they'd taken what didn't work in the first game and improved it, but mostly I was impressed by explosions

  • People went on and on about GTA IV having an amazing story, but I really wasn't feeling it. Not so here. Yes, like usual rockstar have taken archetypes from film to populate their world, but they've done it with a certain amount of flair, and it doesn't bother me because everything else about the world is so immersive. Not many games would make me actually want to play poker and hunt birds. MY only Gripe is that if they are going to have a decent story in these open world games now, they need to stop allowing players to play them out of order. It just ruins it for me.

  • I thought this game was great, really funny in places, really silly, although maybe a little simple. Also I wish that double fine's whole "we are doing downloadable games now" thing didn't mean "we are not going to hire voice actors now"

  • I've been lucky and avoided most of the jank, and I love this game. Personally, I think it dicks on fallout 3. When they were doing promotion for it I remember thinking it sounded like they'd just taken fallout 3 and then put back in all the stuff from Fallout 2 that I liked that I thought it was stupid of bethesda to take out. Great characters, much more challenge, the return of Geckos, some really great new weapons... I wanna play more now!