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5 Fun Games for a Date with your same-sex partner

Game players are no longer on the margins of society. Singles know that gamers can become superstars, but even if they have not conquered the world of e-sports, today's gamers have many dates. Both men and women play video games, so it is not difficult to find a game fan. At least not for those who know where to meet them. Hope that seeing single players in the bar will not bring much luck. Most gamers use online dating for singles because they understand that it is like getting a cheat code for dating. Just among the thousands of local singles is enough. However, uploading photos related to the game or adding content about the video game to the profile description on this site helps gamers find each other quickly.

5 Fun Games for a Date with your same-sex partner

· The Book of Living Magic

A point-and-click game, it captures the Land of Dreams. It is the same context, or theme, as popular games as Desert Bridge… et al. This is a perfect game to build rapport with your date, without straining too much to kill or avoid getting killed.

  • · Submachine

An adventure game of the point-and-click genre, it involves solving puzzles with little mental energy needed. It is non-violent, so your date won’t cringe every two minutes, wondering who you are. It is reminiscent of the same (flash game) revolving around submachines.

  • · Vision

A cross-platform 3D game, most vision games prompt players to use real-world scenarios to solve in-game problems. These games are perfect for couples to challenge each other mentally, perhaps even leading to deal-breakers (this guy is too slow for me).

  • · The Codex of Alchemical Engineering

It is a puzzle game, using mechanical arms to build stuff that will either excite you or leave you profoundly bored. It is the perfect game to break any form of ice, and by the time you are done, a few drinks will be in order – no ice-breaking needed, enough said. Most players will reminisce on a similar game known as SpaceChem - programming manipulators, as they are known, and binding atoms.

  • · Ancient Greek Geometry

Use a straight edge and compass and create a polygon for ninjas. This game has nothing to do with mathematical prowess, just simple ingenuity, and of course, curiosity. Create diagrams using straight lines, let lines intersect in specific places. There are rules, which you will apply in the game and afterward.

Whatever game you engage in during your first or subsequent date, it all boils down to respecting your partner. Choosing the most exciting games only relieves boredom and perhaps helps with breaking the ice. At the end of the day, finding love or companionship takes balls, persistence, and remembering that games won’t always make sense during a date. Once you build rapport, you will need to go for dinner dates, perhaps visit family and friends. Games won’t help you there. Stick to being yourself, and games will only be bonuses.

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What games are perfect for a date?

The decision on which games to pick out for a date revolves around several issues. For starters, it depends on your partner and their character. Also, it depends if it is the first or subsequent date. Generally, the following are neutral choices. what is your choice?

Later I'll prepare my list...

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