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I went out and bought that stupid pixel link amiibo just so I can have the 80s costume. Holy shit though... Holy shit. It's identical to the costume Link wears in the original booklet from the first NES game. I wear it pretty much all the time now. I also downloaded the Link to the Past overworld song and play that on headphones while I play this game. Everything is right in the world now.

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I said I wouldn't get it, but after watching a few Zelda livestreams, I had to get one. I had no preorder, so I waited on line at the Nintendo store in Manhattan on launch day. I was on line for about 45 mins, and bought the Switch, Zelda, and a carrying case. This is my first Nintendo product since the Nintendo 64. If Nintendo got MY money, they'll be getting others like me to dish out $450 for this thing. I've been vehemently anti-Nintendo since the 64, so I'm shocked that I actually own a Switch...

I like it a lot. I see the potential, and Zelda is incredible. I can totally see this thing becoming huge with tons of great games... At the same time, I can also see this thing flopping due to lack of games. I firmly believe Nintendo is an awful company stuck in the past, that at times succeeds in spite of its archaic corporate culture. Right now, playing Zelda on my commute and docking it at home is an amazing experience, because Zelda is an incredible game. What happens when the well runs dry? The indie support is a good sign, but I'm still very sceptical Nintendo can deliver 3 or 4 games a year at the quality of Zelda. Without that level of quality this thing is just a paperweight. It can't even replace my tablet at the moment because Netflix/Youtube/HBO are all absent from the shop.

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I also have about 200ish arrows so I snipe things a lot, or spam bombs on the weaker enemies.

I really need to ask how? I'm always out of arrows since I also mainly snipe enemies and I haven't really found a way to get a good stack. Any tips would be appreciated.

You can buy arrows from any store or merchant in the game. There are usually merchants at the various stables littered across the world. Also, if you see camp of baddies, odds are they'll have 1 or 2 archers perched on platforms. Those archers usually drop a bundle of 5 arrows. There's also a story related mission in the game where they introduce you to a near limitless supply of shock arrows.

Following up on my thread... I've come across some really nice weapons that I still refuse to use on regular enemies. I have two 50+ weapons, and two 30+ weapons in my inventory at the moment. I keep one "beater" weapon that I'll use on mobs or camps if I HAVE to. I'm still avoiding most combat in the game in favor of exploration. I also have a huge supply of cooked meals that do all sorts of bonus effects. This has made dealing with bosses in this game a breeze. I beat my first real dungeon boss with only 4 hearts, which is kind of crazy the game is so open that this is possible. I ate a bunch of movement speed mushrooms, and whacked the boss with my 50+ weapon, and shot his second phase with my 30+ bow with shock arrows.

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The weapon durability is horrendous in this game. I find myself ignoring 99% of all the enemies in this game and hoarding all the high level weapons I'm finding in the world for boss fights later. Enemies drop no XP (there's no XP in this game, I know), crummy weapons, and useless cooking material. If I see an enemy with a weapon I've never seen, I'll usually kill it and swap it out with something else I have if it's higher level. Most enemies can easily be run away from, or sneaked around.

I really wish they would have just went all the way with the open world WRPG aspect of the game. Let us upgrade Link with XP, and spec him out the way we want to. At the very least, offer some sort of crafting or upgrade path for the good weapons in the game. The item management is killing this game. As of now, I explore, run, hoard, cook, explore some more, run, hide, and do as many shrines as I can. I haven't actually engaged an enemy in about 16 hours of gameplay.

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This is getting more interesting... Game is being pulled from Amazon, GAME, Gamestop and other retailers.

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You should never pre-order games. Yes, we all know that but many still do. What about those who don't really pay attention to the enthusiast press, and see on Steam that a new Batman game is released? They didn't pre-order the game and just want to buy it and play it. They're just as screwed as the pre-order crowd.

The Steam refund is the tool PC gamers now have to combat broken day 1 releases. That's the real story here. Period. There's no way WB pulls this game if not for the refund system. This is shaping of to be the biggest news story of the year in gaming and can be a catalyst of things to come.

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Let me rephrase this... I don't play the majority of indie games because I do not like platformers, and I don't have much time to devote to gaming any more. I have played and enjoyed Gone Home, Brothers, and Elite: Dangerous (is this an indie game? Who knows any more). I just don't get excited about the majority of smaller budget stuff. I bought Ori recently, and other than it being beautiful, I quickly lost interest. I bought 2 GTX 980s and a 4k monitor so I could be blown away by the spectacle of a AAA game. Unfortunately (for me), this generation has proved that those kinds of games are becoming more rare.

Perhaps the very definition of what an indie game is kind of getting blurred these days. I liked Divinity, is that indie? I think so? I'm definitely getting Pillars of Eternity this week, but I doubt I'll actually get to finish it. That was a kickstarter game right? So yeah, I guess I'm generalizing a bit, but for me AAA gaming is what got me back into video games and it's the stuff I'm always looking the most forward to. Sorry, I think I'm "that guy".

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This game along with The Witcher 3 getting moved to Q4 of this year is my biggest gaming fear. I can totally see it happening. I don't play indie games and I suck at Souls games, so these are really the only 2 games I want to play this year.

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Ughh... It's going to be a long year. It's The Witcher 3, Batman, AC: Victory, and HOPEFULLY *crosses fingers* Fallout 4?!?

Also, holding out hope we'll be able to land on planets in ELITE by the end of the year.

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The only question is, just how laughable and horrendous is this going to be?

They should just make Zelda into a freaking anime series already. Zelda has more in common with anime than it does traditional fantasy. Superimposing traditional fantasy over the Zelda aesthetic is just a disaster waiting to happen.