GOTY 2012

My top 10 list of favorite games of this year

List items

  • My favorite thing about Mass Effect 3 was that it was able to continue with the momentum that the second game created. The story points were fantastic and i really had come to care about the characters which is something that games often aren't able to accomplish. Yes, running around the citadel getting side missions and doing those side missions was bunk but everything else just felt so right that i hold it up alongside other great series in other mediums such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

  • The sheer amount of style this game oozes along with the simple but solid gameplay make this game really stand out from the crowd. Even though it's super pixelated the brutality of your actions really shows.

  • Journey does just about everything right. Everything from the design of the world to the music and the player control is perfect and is probably one of the most beautiful games i've ever seen. Because of its short length it never overstays its welcome and allows you to play through as many times as you want so you can discover hidden places you had missed on your previous way through.

  • For a while there this was my go-to game for killing time. It was great for just zoning out and listening to music while skiing around the maps and shooting dudes. The action felt great and was well balanced and not "pay to win" as many free to play games can become.

  • FTL is a great game because of the emergent stories that come through playing it. Playing on normal mode is tough but feels entirely rewarding when you pull off life saving moves.

  • Many people say it's more of the same but they're only half right; it's more of the same great combat but now they've added in a story that actually has interest and does things. Along with much more memorable characters this game is better than the original in every way.

  • I was wary of the idea of a Professor Layton game with polygonal graphics but the game quickly won me over. The characters look just as great as they did flat and the title screen music is just so good.

  • Harmonix has become really good at improving with sequels as they did with Rock Band. DC3 continues to make dancing in front of your TV feel much less awkward than it would normally be with an aerobics video.

  • The first Diablo, or Diablo-like, game i've ever played to completion. It's a solid game that looks great and plays just as great.