My Top Twenty Five Games of All Time

They say you can judge a man by his favorite games so my first list will be just that.

These games are each near and dear to me for various reasons. They might not be the best games ever made and in some cases they aren't even good games, but I love them nontheless so they're on the list.I may be including a few games from the same series or will include remastered versions if I consider it to be the best version of the game. So in no paticular order....

List items

  • Simply one of the best games ever created in my opinion for many,many reasons that I won't go on about here as you most probably already know them. Survival horror at it's most horrific.

  • Another of the best games ever created. Hit me at a time in my life when I was young and impressionable, this made me into the gamer I am today and sold me on the idea of games being my "thing". Still stands up as a great game to this day, just ignore Twin Snakes if you can....Kojima does.

  • What can I say? I love this entire series but for me 2 is the best of the PS1 era titles. This game was such a huge leap forward from the already great first game. The graphics, sound design, multiple scenarios... it was all amazing stuff at the time, and still is. Plus it introduced us to a certain iconic rookie cop.....

  • I love JRPG's like a fat kid loves cake, and while the previous entry in this series introduced me along with the rest of my generation to the genre, for my money Final Fantasy VIII is the best of the modern games. If you can get past the emo kid protagonist this is a deep and enrgossing JRPG that I can still lose hours to now.

  • I, like every other child of the 90's, had an unhealthy obsession with catching them all when I was younger. Although my famdom for the series has passed I cannot overstate the importance Pokemon had in introducing me to anime, JRPG's and the idea of games being "cool".Oh and...Charizard ftw.

  • All the awesome gameplay,mad as a box of frogs story and gorgeous anime artwork in the palm of my hand. I went on to own and enjoy pretty much all of the modern SMT games but this was my first and for that reason it has a special place in my heart. Brought me ack to JRPG's when I thought I was done with the genre.

  • The first game I ever owned.My parent's owned a MegaDrive and I played that but this gleaming gem was my very own game and that feeling was amazing to the eight year old version of myself. Added to that the fact that it was an awesome game and I was in heaven that Christmas.

  • When I look at my 3DS I still think of it as my "Ace Attorney Machine" I came to the series incredibly late (this year) but quickly became enthralled my the madcap writing, great artwork and blatant disregard for realism that these games have.

  • If an alien knocked on my door tomorrow and asked me to show it what a videogame was I would give it this game, after I had stopped screaming. Resident Evil 4 is without any hyperbole up near the top of the best pieces of entertainment ever made list and is one of my all time favorite games. This is another game that needs no explanation of it's sheer awesomeness. At last count I've finished it twelve times on three consoles. God knows how long I've spent on mercenaries too.....

  • I don't consider myself to be a serious fighting game fan, but I will kick your ass on this game. Me and my Dad bonded over a love of this game and spent hours either kicking seven bells out of eachother or playing the bowling minigame and yelling at the TV. Made me a lifelong fan of the series but as previously said not a "hardcore" fighting fan.

  • Holds a special place in my heart as the first game I ever reviewed, after I was published it sold me on wanting to pursue journalism as a career. The game itself is great fun and for me legitamised XBLA as a platform.

  • My lord what a great game.The music, the gorgeous 2D sprites and the stellar gameplay make this a must play. On a darker note..the medusa heads seriously suck. Man I hated those things.

  • I've enjoyed all the games in this shooty,series but this one introduced me to the tortured soul known as Max Payne. Still stands up as a good game and I was very pleased with how the third game turned out. I maintain that these games are enjoyed better if you don't take them too seriously.

  • Whatever may have happened to the series after this game, Mass Effect 2 remains a deep and engrossing game with a level of character interaction I haven't seen beat anywhere else. That feeling of "well we might die but we're taking these alien bastards with us" is one I really enjoyed during my time with this game.

  • Needs no introduction, especially here on GB.You either love this game or hate it. I love it

  • I love Oblivion, I love Skyrim, I have mixed feelings about New Vegas and I've spent more hours than I would care to count on all three. Fallout 3 however in my opinion beats all of these games for a reason I can't quite put my finger on. It may be that I was super hyped for this game before it's release. It may be that the game and all of the subsequent DLC add ons were great. Or it may be that all the mutants, zombies and gore was just so goddamn metal....

  • The only videogame ending that has ever brought a tear to my eye. Numerous reasons for this to be on any great game list but that's the one that earns it a spot on mine. And it's just awesome.

  • This is such an engrossing, charming and well put together game that it makes me nostalgic for a time I wasn't even alive during. This game deserve all the credit that's been given to it and more, it's xbla price tag only sweetens the deal.

  • Looking back now I don't really know why I loved this game so much. It hasn't aged that well. Nor is it paticularly fun to play. Regardless,there's something niggling at the back of my mind as I write this saying "The child inside you loves this game..don't let all those hours be for nought" so I'm putting this diamond in the rough on my list.

  • Despite what the series has become nowadays I still remember this game fondly. It was my first foray into competitive gaming and I remember having countless hours of fun with my friends on this game. Pretty sure I could draw a map of Crash from memory too at this point.

  • Everyone has their favourite GTA game, and this is mine. I had a lot of fun with all of the 3D games but San Andreas stands out in my mind as the game I spent the most time with.

  • I love Resident Evil, I love dinosaurs, I love this. It helped that a much younger version of myself pronounced Regina in a way that embarassed my parents.

  • I consider myself something of a horror buff, both in gaming and movies, and I don't feel like there's much that can scare me. But goddamn I can't handle creepy japanese girl ghosts....or awful controls.

  • Love the whole series but I have to say the recent modern update kept me engrossed for hours and what better way to finish this list than with a FINISH HIM!!