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This blog will now be home to all my created music...

...and by music, I mean "music" that I've somehow managed to assemble by the means of FLStudio. currently all I have is a shitty (sound) quality youtube video of a hastily put together "remix" of Still Alive. If you don't know what that song is, start playing some damn video games. I also have a rather good (sound) quality link to a not entirely shitty remix of that mortal kombat theme. I like this one better than the portal one, mostly because the synthesized guitar came out pretty strangely. But who knows, listen to them yourself and judge. If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions for new songs, please leave comments. (if you leave them on this blog, it'll be easier to for me to judge) It'll inflate my self esteem.

Still Alive Youtube Link
Mortal Kombat Theme Thread