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So excited for this jam, will do my best to make something fun and cool : )

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But... what about Mario Party Party?

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After this PAX wrestling, I started thinking how Ryan would fit into all of that, maybe a desk man alongside Trites and Pope or with Pat as a ref? Its weird thinking that he hasn't been around since 2013, miss him still : (

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nice job @bigdaddytool and everyone else who got done on time (and anyone bold enough to try but didn't make it)

got my teams project in just in time too heh. "What Hideo Kojima Does Next" is themed after a children's book and viewed through the eyes of a child. not much "game-play" but i'm proud of it and glad I got to work with some cool duders.

Thanks to @dourin, @fattony12000, and @hypnotoadbrwowrowrow for being game to try this, @havochq for putting this on, and all the awesome people in the GBCommunity for making this an environment where we can do dumb crazy stuff like this : )

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@havochq any problem with your awesome jam logo being the loading image for the game?

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Happy with how my team is moving, though at the point where we should get the core done but some of the tougher to make bits may fall by the wayside : /

Here is a screenshot though - good luck to everyone!

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oh man - did not realize this was a 9 day jam, thought I had more time.... *turns game dev into overdrive*

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Regret not getting my idea done for the first jam. Gonna try my hardest to make something for this one.

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@austin_walker Welcome to Giant Bomb!

Never played the 1990's XCOM but really fell in love with the remake a few years back. Enemy Within renewed hope in the notion of game companies making solid expansions rather than just DLC, and the Long War mod has been great to watch from afar (maybe one of these days I'll set aside the ocean of time and tears needed to play that). Excited by the idea of an underground XCOM though the notion of a flying mobile base and procedural levels, along with the player being verse the world... well it sounds a lot like Invisible Inc. Which that game wasn't bad, just will be interesting how Friaxis can take similar tools and apply their spin to it.

Also just some side stuff if folks are interest in replaying...

Cool trailer except that you couldn't sneak up on enemies in the first game. Hopefully they've changed that.

If you mean Enemy Unknown you totally can! A snipers' Battle Scanner can reveal aliens and (so long as you position your troops outside the enemies alert range) you can get a free shot on them (and follow up Overwatch triggers)!

@jasonefmonk Have you considered a steambox? Doesn't have to be one of those expensive fancy boxes at CES, I use an old laptop hooked up to my big screen (an old projector that I'm amazed hasn't broke yet). Big Picture Mode works well enough though there are a few games Steam thinks only allow mouse & keyboard that have 99% functionality on controller (Darks Souls and XCOM for example) and I use the In-Home streaming from my PC in the other room and its fine. It can't play any of the big games on it's own cause its old but I have a PS4 for if I want to play those on the big screen. There are a lot more controller friendly games available on PC than on any one console, not even counting ones you'd have to play with a controller using keyboard rebound buttons.
I understand people have their own preferences for where to enjoy video games, just hope you aren't cutting off PC Games because you think they can only be accessed with a keyboard at a desk. : )

Finally any fans of XCOM and haven't heard about Long War should check out Dan Teasdale's brothers youtube channel. (Dan being the creator of Roundabout and Super Drake Tracker 2000 EX)

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Would love to join in on this - actually working with another duder to finish up a project not too far from something like this.

-Some things to consider with the planning - Anyone wanting to stream their development can use either the Game Development Channel or Creative Channel on Twitch (For multi-person team streams, would recommend Google Hangout over Skype but both work well [enough])
-Also we could possibly pool all of the streams on with the blessing of Chase Petit (who I know is a mod here but sadly don't know his handle).
-Finally the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is happening in April as well! (the 10th to 12th) so probably best to NOT schedule that weekend
-Another excellent resource for Game Maker tutorials is the fabulous Shaun Spalding, while not a straight line from start to finish - he has an extensive library of 'how to' videos!
-Finally would recommend having two categories; A General Giant Bomb idea for people who are coming up with great ideas now, and (if the GB Team would indulge us) something akin to a Ludum Dare setup where a theme is given at the start of the Jam for people to base their game off of. (sure other jams do this style as well, just the one I know of)

Some advice to @havochq is dont let this jam suffer from feature creep! Sure a simple thing will work this year and if its a success (which it sounds like it will be a fun one) can be scaled up in future jams. : )