GOTY 2015

I may also included some games that didn't come out in 2015, but they're games I played in 2015.

Also I've had less time and less interest in video games in the past 2-3 years. I tend to only go after games that really interest me, and even though I might be seen buying a lot of games like other people, I tend to play them for not too long. So while there are a handful more 2015 games I played in 2015, such as Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Surivor 2: Record Breaker on my 3DS, I don't feel comfortable putting it on this list as I had only played a couple of hours of it.

So the top-ten list isn't really a top-ten list. Only The Witcher 3, MGSV, and Bloodborne are games that I went "Oh man, these are awesome", all the rest are games I dug.

I didn't play Fallout 4, Destiny, Batman, or anything obvious like that.

Did play Undertale but was greatly annoyed by the combat and didn't like the story that much, character design was charming and the music was very solid, though.

List items

  • Close first. I was just shocked at how much quality and quantity were combined into such an all-round wonderful RPG game.

    I really wish I had a good computer at the time it came out in May as the PS4 version's frame rate drives me crazy sometimes.

    At least 100 hours, maybe 150 (game clock was wrong due to PS4's sleep mode). Will return for the second expansion.

  • Close second. Pretty crappy story with a sedate main character. While the core gameplay is solid as hell I still think that there wasn't ever that much to do that was unique and different. Capture guys, blow up things, kill dudes... that's about it. If they added more indoor or any urban environments that would have really helped.

    I may have been a bit spoiled from playing so much Ground Zeroes that the gameplay wore out on me quicker than the regular player.

    About 60 hours.

  • Close third. Revives the thrill I felt in Dark Souls 1 but totally lost in Dark Souls 2. A very good game.

    About 35 hours or so.

  • This is a racing game for people who are pretty good at racing games. It's not the precision and discipline of a hard core F1 racer or track simulator that is required. Rather it's white-knuckle bad-assery and twitch-reaction times.

    About 15 hours and counting.

  • (2014)

    Played it in October this year and really enjoyed it.

    About 15 hours.

  • Soccer with rocket cars.

    About 10 hours.

  • Sim City but with bigger cities.

    About 15 hours.

  • (2014)

    Civilization V but pretty and with more complex mechanics.

    About 15 hours.

  • N but with ++.

    About 10 hours.

  • (2008/2014)

    Played the PC version of this to the end this year and ended up really digging it. Even played maybe half of it on my Steam Link.

    About 30 hours.